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Viber Free Messenger and Phone Calls: Connecting millions worldwide! Write a text message, call, chat and share with anyone, anywhere!
Viber is your go-to free messenger, allowing you to message or call anyone in the world through your Internet connection*. Send a text message to friends and family with Viber Messenger. Call your loved ones using Viber’s live video chat or voice call, all part of Viber’s free and high-quality phone calls. Express yourself with cool stickers and emoji icons, share photos, and send your favorite videos. The free messenger also lets you make international phone calls for free.
Connect with friends and family using instant messaging, voice calls, or live video chats
Choose a contact from your phone book or simply enter a phone number to add a new contact on Viber messenger. Send a text message, or take advantage of the other amazing features that Viber offers beyond just free messages! Share photos and videos, enjoy emoji icons and cool stickers, record audio messages, and even send files.
Group chat with up to 250 people!
With Viber messenger, it’s easy to create and join group chats - with up to 250 people at once! Chat with your favorite people, ‘like’ any user’s voice, or text message.
Why users worldwide are choosing Viber Free Messenger:
★Hassle-free, long-distance calls- Viber Messenger is your free international calling app! No need for a username or login information, simply activate by entering your phone number.
★ Voice or video - Make your free phone call now! - Choose between the basic voice call or go with our live video chat if you need a face-to-face! Whether you make a phone call domestically or have international calls to make, all phone calls boast HD quality sound.
★ Instant video messages - Tap and hold the instant video icon to capture the moment with 30-second videos, release to send.
★Secured communications - Viber messenger automatically encrypts text messages, video and voice calls, photos, videos, and group chats.
★Express yourself with stickers - Bring your text message to life by sending playful emoji icons and cool stickers.
★Your personal messenger with “damage control” - Delete a text message or voice message even after it was sent.
★‘Hidden Chats’ feature - Choose to hide specific chats from your messaging screen and access them later.

Install Viber Free Messenger Now - Start Connecting!
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(*) Wi-Fi or data plan - network data charges may apply.

Viber is part of the Rakuten Group, a world leader in e-commerce and financial services.

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Danial Hussain review Danial Hussain
Stops working
Disconnection issue, although internet is working fine, worst issue ever from any app ive gone through...
melissa johnson review melissa johnson
Great Tool to talk to kids overseas
Works flawlessly for phone calls and texts. Love the emoticons you can send.
paula heywood review paula heywood
used to be able to do video calls to people and send pictures now can not due to the new version sort it out I have theSamsung a3
J. Morris review J. Morris
Great App!
Seldom lose connection with loved ones & friends who live overseas. This app consistently allows me to text & speak with them!
David Spehar review David Spehar
5 star app! (But crashing when attaching pictures)
Love the app. User it with family constantly. However, after this update the app crashes when I try to send a photo I just took within viber or attach a picture from gallery. Stickers work fine now.
Egzon Iseini review Egzon Iseini
It serves its purpose well
Its a very handy tool I must agree. Unlike WhatsApp, I didn't encounter any problems with Viber yet. Quality is good, not great but it makes up for it a great texting app with lots of features. (The animated message feature is very funny and my little siblings love it.,)
Anne Villaluz review Anne Villaluz
I loved it.
Mangalam Ganesh review Mangalam Ganesh
Very clear
Voice clarity is good, depends on network coverage. Photo sharing also nice, not great for video sharing, theams and emotions r attractive,I love viber, thumps up from me
olia mp review olia mp
Camera issue
After the last update i can't start a video call and when i try to, the camera application completely crashes. Please fix it ASAP. (Using S4 mini - Android 4.4.2)
Cuessi A review Cuessi A
Viber needs a drastic improvement with call quality and less call dropping if they want more users of their app...
Oleg S. review Oleg S.
I want to give this great app 5 stars but one small issue is very annoying me! Unread messages counter badge does not appear on its desktop icon (sometimes it does appear). Please fix it! All other messengers such as Whatsapp,Line,Skype,Email show this counter on their icons on my phone..
vaaj Na review vaaj Na
Viber freezing
Since sme dys my viber is freezing n nt evn closing...cnnt type mgs nor send anyfing...has reported twice bt nofing done yet...hs evn uninstalled it n reinstalled bt its z same fing..FIX IT PLEASE. Thnx
Constance Chang review Constance Chang
Seding Photos Issue!!!
Viber, since your last update I been unable to sent or receive photos. Can you please fix!!! However, I love your application. You keep me in touch with my family, in the best possible way. Thank you.
Aggi Horrod review Aggi Horrod
Much better reception to Australia and South Africa, plus Zimbabwe,. Im lobing it! Fabulous! VIBER ADVOCATE! Thanks for the improvements. Animated Video still a little problematic, but Brilliant all the same! Thanks!
Have used Viber for a long time, unfortunately the Animated Video has been altered so one can NOT edit before sending. What a shame! I loved sending, editing and sending them to friends, unfortunately the editing feature sadly has been taken off. ??
Fr. C. Francis Schmidt review Fr. C. Francis Schmidt
Good connection (phone)
As we have rather slow wifi, phone calls were surprisingly clear.