Village Life: Love & Babies APK

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Join 15 million other players and create your very own village, full of love, laughter and babies!

Guide your villagers through life from babies to adulthood helping them fall in love, date, get married and grow old with families of their own. Find food, craft tools, toys and buildings to create a thriving, happy village then expand to exciting new lands!

AND THERE’S MORE! - Enjoy specially crafted one-off stories regularly added to the game that bring continued fresh twists and turns to the lives of your villagers.

• Find LOVE and set up dates with your friends’ villagers.
• Watch your villagers get MARRIED.
• Have lots of BABIES and name them!
• Raise FAMILIES and expand their legacies over generations.
• Form a new tribe and JOURNEY to exciting new lands.
• Impress your friends and DECORATE a beautiful village.
• Pass SKILLS to future generations of villagers and add more.
• Keep your villagers fed by FARMING, FISHING and GATHERING food.
• CRAFT toys and activities then watch your villagers use them in hilariously different ways.
• Enjoy specially crafted STORIES regularly added by the game creators.

** This game is compatible with devices running 4.0.3 and above. Play across all supported devices.

Village Life: Love & Babies APK reviews

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Krysten Mccall review Krysten Mccall
Great! Needs few error fixes though
I've just returned to playing this game. I like the abundant new free gem opportunities. I can now participate fully in timed events. I also enjoy the task reward feature. Really makes me feel like every action counts, like milestones.
Chalana Chambliss review Chalana Chambliss
Really like
That one star I won't give because everything takes so long to do
Valerie Marshall review Valerie Marshall
Need to fix the spinner part when you reach the next level or when you get all the tickets. Also need to make things that need to be unlocked a little bit faster it takes to long to get them. Over all I play a lot.
Kat C. review Kat C.
Needs fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You try to open what you've done and it constantly force closes.
Audrey Dalton review Audrey Dalton
Cute but glitchy & slow going
Great little game but I to have experienced many problems. The game itself is also very slow going, most things take DAYS to unlock rather than hours from the very beginning of the game. And every single thing pretty much needs unlocking. You should earn some unlocked items for levelling up I feel.For me, the videos don't load to earn tickets, timed events jump all over the place in terms of time left, villagers start tasks and then stop halfway through and the game reverts to before they started.
Kimberly Clodgo review Kimberly Clodgo
Not loading
Last two days the game gets through the loading bar then the next screen it get stuck.. The one depending on which village I last visited, mine was woodland, and won't go any further. Only saving grace is that I'm currently not on a quest. Looking for a solution!!
Lauren Clepper review Lauren Clepper
Gem mine hasnt worked in over a month...still having issues accepting dates and problems with game freezing and shutting down...its not my phone....
Merry Agustina review Merry Agustina
Help me
Why this game wont show me the quest anymore since i begin to craft all new things ?? I begin new quest or craft things until the roll full and tomorrow when i open the game the roll of quest are empty and until now i cannot see my quest anymore
Karen Hartman review Karen Hartman
Love it, but...
I do love this game, but it freezes up before I can get to a 3rd village to do gathering or whatever. When I close it out, I can still hear the game music. Usually takes around an hour to be able to come back. I hope this can somehow be fixed. Thanks!
Patience Janssen review Patience Janssen
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate doesn't load
Deana Roberts review Deana Roberts
My favorite game
The only problem I have is that it crashes too much. Has been running slow as well. Also, quests aren't long enough to get done especially when it'll take days to unlock something. I can't wait for the 4th island to unlock either. Other than all the problems, I love this game. Thanks
Timeetha Moore review Timeetha Moore
Despite the occasional crash and slow production times, I absolutely LOVE this game! Can't wait to see the new level they have coming!
Karla Valencia review Karla Valencia
Can't log in, Error #200
I've been trying to log into my game all day and it doesn't let me. I've tried on two phones and it says "Connection Lost Error #200". I can get gems from posts but then it says Connection Lost. I really like this game and I'm trying to complete the Misty quest. Please fix this, it's making me sad :'(. Other than that, I really love and enjoy playing this game.
karen machuca review karen machuca
Thank you for fixing
Thank you for fixing the bugs! Love this game ????
Mariah Owens review Mariah Owens
I love this game
I love when my villagers have's an adorable process! Dating is very exciting...then you get excited when they propose and get married. A very great game, just wish it was an offline game. But great overall! Also you shouldn't need a stupid system update to play... I mean seriously the ice cream sandwich update. Are you crazy?