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Join 15 million other players and create your very own village, full of love, laughter and babies!

Guide your villagers through life from babies to adulthood helping them fall in love, date, get married and grow old with families of their own. Find food, craft tools, toys and buildings to create a thriving, happy village then expand to exciting new lands!

AND THERE’S MORE! - Enjoy specially crafted one-off stories regularly added to the game that bring continued fresh twists and turns to the lives of your villagers.

• Find LOVE and set up dates with your friends’ villagers.
• Watch your villagers get MARRIED.
• Have lots of BABIES and name them!
• Raise FAMILIES and expand their legacies over generations.
• Form a new tribe and JOURNEY to exciting new lands.
• Impress your friends and DECORATE a beautiful village.
• Pass SKILLS to future generations of villagers and add more.
• Keep your villagers fed by FARMING, FISHING and GATHERING food.
• CRAFT toys and activities then watch your villagers use them in hilariously different ways.
• Enjoy specially crafted STORIES regularly added by the game creators.

** This game is compatible with devices running 4.0.3 and above. Play across all supported devices.

Village Life: Love & Babies APK reviews

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Autumn norman review Autumn norman
Ad rewards
For the past several days, I haven't received the time off tasks or the gems I am supposed to receive for watching ads. I used the in-game contacting thing and I have received no answer for why. Please fix this. I would also like to know why there is no Family Tree?
LaQuisha Smith review LaQuisha Smith
OK game. .
Takes too long to complete skills. 2 to 3 days for some and you barely get gems to use to speed things up. Cost to even make a bottle to feed a baby and they want you to ask and bother people on Facebook for supplies.
Jessica Trapp review Jessica Trapp
Come on
So when do you plan on fixing the issue of people not being able to get onto the game? Mine loads and then closes back to my main screen. I would really like the play this game again.
Cassandra Wenzel review Cassandra Wenzel
Village Life internet error.
There is no internet. (-11)... ...Please fix this, since I DO have internet and all other installed apps are working as per normal.
Laura Martinez review Laura Martinez
I love this game, but...
I love this game, I play everyday. But ever since the update yesterday, it has not let me play at all. It loads, but then it says it has stopped and kicks me out. I really like this game and it's such a shame that I cannot play it after an update. I don't want to un-install it, since I have done so much in the game already, but if it is not fixed soon, I'm going to un-install it.
Elise Schlemmer review Elise Schlemmer
I like it for the most part. When I can do things it's quite fun... But I'm having issues with typing, from naming a baby, or contacting support. This is the easiest way for me to contact them...I had a few issues with in the game,but can't list them all... Is support can contact me please, much would be appreciated..
Angela Carpenter review Angela Carpenter
I've been playing this game for a few years and love it! It takes dedication to build up your village but its worth it. I can play for hours. My ONLY complaint is I wish they'd add some new items to the game..its been the same for quite some time. It needs some new things for decorations, housing, and fun. The new characters have been a great add but it needs some new touches to keep it new and fun for regular players.
Skylar review Skylar
The best game in the world. Wow my family is great ???I love it but I was thinking they should have a choice to be GAY or have adoption and also having people from the same village able to date, get married and have kids as you can have many different unrelated people in your village this could be a choice if you wanted to keep specific villager. ONE last thing there shouldn't be a limit on how many people in the woodland and Riverside and the mountain top. But overall I absolutely love this game so much!!!
Joe Major review Joe Major
Great game
This game is fun and addictive. There's tons of options. My only complaint is that too many things cost gems. I feel like there should be ways other than watching adds or downloading other apps to get them. Besides that it's my favorite game
Lexi Black review Lexi Black
I definetly reccomend this game! Only critism is that there are never any videos available to watch on my game and when you enter the video hut (the house next to the decorations shop where you watch vids for gems) The exit button dosent work so I have to exit the game and restart it. I wish that you could have a family tree in the game because it makes the family side of the game more enjoyable but this is definetly my favourite game! Thank you for making it!
Amanda R review Amanda R
Falling aart
When I first got the game everything worked perfectly fine and I loved it and so did my mom now that I've reached level 34 its kicking me out everytime I try to do something it freezes and is not getting me anything anymore.... I did the update now it wont go off the loading screen
Kelly Guthrie review Kelly Guthrie
Love this game, but it takes far too long for things to unlock. Also there is never enough time to complete quests when you have to wait at least 12hrs at a time for things to unlock for it. I have given less stars now because after the new update, it is unfair that you don't get awarded woodland gems for levels you have already passed. It's not fair on people who have been loyal and stuck with the game for a while.
Tiffany Turnbow review Tiffany Turnbow
Update failed
Its been days and I have contacted your staff through email and it still won't work. I love the game its awesome but doesn't help if I can't even get past the loading screen without update fail message (0/-6). Please fix.
Leah Norr review Leah Norr
Awesome but
With the new Jan 2017 update my game won't load
wendy d review wendy d
When will they know how to pick berries on their own?
I'm not sure what to think. It's sooo cute, and I really enjoy the characters and story, but, for goodness sake, when I open the game and everyone's complaining, I wonder, how can they increase need during rest, but not be able to sustain themselves? It's hard to level up when everyone is constantly needing something I haven't unlocked yet, bcs I have to level up to unlock it!