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Vine Camera
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The Vine Camera is for making 6 second looping videos.

You can post the videos directly to Twitter or save them to your phone. Videos that are posted From the Vine Camera to Twitter will loop.

Create 6 second looping videos with multiple cuts.
Edit your video to create a perfect loop.
Includes standard Vine creation tools: multi-clip trimming, grid overlay, AF focus, ghost tool, flash and front-facing camera.
Save drafts for later while you create.

Vine Camera APK reviews

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Roshanie Ligonde review Roshanie Ligonde
Very awesome becae everything ?
Daniel Maldonado Ortega review Daniel Maldonado Ortega
Black Camera
Sometimes when I'm about to record a video with the back camera, it shows the image, but after a few seconds the image gets black like if covered with the finger, but no with the front camera. Fix it For M4 Xperia, thanks :)
jordan porter review jordan porter
Even with full Internet connection, the vines won't load. They will appear on a gray screen and won't even show the loading symbol. The first time this happened I had to uninstall the app. That worked but now it is back to not working.
Atomicbomb 23 review Atomicbomb 23
Mark Catchpole review Mark Catchpole
Love it.
Harisinh Chauhan review Harisinh Chauhan
maher555 maher5555 review maher555 maher5555
I love it
I love it so much
squid head review squid head
Sean O'Sullivan review Sean O'Sullivan
Clear priorities
If you don't have an iPhone you're clearly not meant to enjoy your experience with Vine. The app is really buggy, slow to load, and fails to loop as smoothly as it does on iOS. Even worse the actual creation side is also dramatically worse on Android. Video output is horribly compressed and the stitching is much more jarring than on iOS. Whatever though, right? How many people have Android phones anyways?
andrew garcia review andrew garcia
SG Note 3
One star because when you make a video I can't choose any music. Wtf is the point. I'd rather use my iPhone 6 plus that has full features unlike this app on Android
skyla gillis review skyla gillis
It'd be cool if y'all could work towards letting us see like all of our revines, I would love to go back without scrolling for forever. Other than that, you know you got 5 stars.
Stephen Pendleton review Stephen Pendleton
This is a vine semi celebrity here (its okay stephen pendleton) YOU SHOULD ADD THE OPTION OF SEEING FULL NUMBERS LIKE ON THE IPHONE VERSION
Bruce Wayne review Bruce Wayne
On in background?
There's no reason for this and it's draining my battery by 1% for some reason. I downloaded the app a couple of days ago and haven't even started it up yet it's on in the background serving no purpose but to drain my battery
Cerylean Starr review Cerylean Starr
It works, but sound doesn't work.
A couple days ago the sound was working just fine, but now the sound doesn't even work! I thought it was just my speaker, but sound plays on other apps. Something isn't right. Could this issue be fixed please?
Alisha Patton review Alisha Patton
Like,I go into the comedy section or any of the sections and it sends me out like 15 SECONDS LATER. You need to fix this cause this has been a reaccuring problem,or else I'll have to delete it AGAIN