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Record your voice and apply any effect you want with voice modulator!
Save your modified voice and set as ringtone, notification or alarm sound.
Voice Changer with effects is an entertaining app with great graphics.
Have fun with your kids with voice changer!
Apply helium, chorus, drunk, robot, backwards and many other funny effects to your voice like morphvox!
Share your modified voice with friends(e-mail, dropbox, whatsapp...) using voice modulator.

- Normal
- Drunk
- Cave
- Monster
- Squirrel
- Helium
- Hexafluoride
- Smurf
- Robot
- Chorus
- Death
- Fast
- Backwards
- Kid
- Alien
- Bathroom
- Bee
- Old radio
- Underwater
- Fan
- Telephone
- Space Station
- Low Batter
- Wolf

fmod is used as sound engine. www.fmod.org

By installing this app you agree to the following privacy policy:

Your use of Voice Changer is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when you are not using your device. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our policy for further information. http://forumvs.com/policy_voicechanger2.html

Voice Changer APK reviews

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Chiwimcs Pendleton review Chiwimcs Pendleton
App works now. Thanks for the update. Previous rating may have been a bit harsh.
Best fun app ever.keep it up developers and keep on making such good apps???
r t review r t
I think it was the best and my favourite voice change was backwards
Ergi Osmani review Ergi Osmani
The stars was 5 but it means 0 I record the sound and select the voice and the app closed
Swarup Tanti review Swarup Tanti
I like it, new varson
Rieno Anka review Rieno Anka
Stupid apps
Rajani gupta review Rajani gupta
Best for timepass
Nitin Avhad review Nitin Avhad
Funny app...
Maham Masood review Maham Masood
This is the worst app ever even bad than the other voice changer it is awful don't download it please ??
Sothapal IDIOTZ review Sothapal IDIOTZ
what is this stupid app i just hate it ..........when i download it and open i am unable to record my voice....don't wast time and your mb.....this is a *********app
It is no so good
Don't download It has to much adds and don't work properly
Laurina sherman review Laurina sherman
This was really good my little bothers made a rap with the fan also
Zaynab Sarini review Zaynab Sarini
Hate it
aparna maitra review aparna maitra
It's Just fun to record and play it in squirrel