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@Voice PDF Crop Plugin
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@Voice PDF Plugin is used with the main @Voice Aloud Reader app to improve text extraction from PDF files for reading aloud. It is not a stand-alone app and should be not started manually.

By turning on the "Manually crop pages before extracting text" option in @Voice PDF import screen, and pressing the "Open file" button, the PDF Plugin will start and show the first page of your PDF document. You may change pages with the slider and < > buttons on top. For each page you may move the gray area edges up and down, right and left as needed, to cut out any unwanted text, such as page numbers, headers and footers, sidebars, footnotes etc. Only the text from the white area in the middle will be included when extracting text for reading aloud.

The additional functions on the "hamburger" menu let you propagate current page crop to other pages, exclude some pages completely from the text extraction process etc. When finished, press the Finish item there. This will take you back to the main @Voice app, start the actual text extraction, followed by reading aloud.

If you would like to beta-test new versions of @Voice PDF Crop Plugin, please sign up for beta at this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.hyperionics.avarPdf

@Voice PDF Crop Plugin APK reviews

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Wilfred Darr review Wilfred Darr
Read a whole PDF book while doing dishes. Allows you to edit the book so it's not reading chapter names and page numbers in the middle of sentences. Takes a couple minuses to set it up, and more if the author didn't use consistent formatting from chapter to chapter, but even allows you to deal with that on a chapter by chapter basis. Greatly improved audio book experience for books not on audible.
Yogi Locs review Yogi Locs
Allows for you to manually crop your PDFs. Although I paid for the ad free version I see an ad on this though.
Aviii Lilhare review Aviii Lilhare
its the greatest app i found which saves Time best app
Souvik Biswas review Souvik Biswas
Need option to hide the app icon
It's a not a standalone app, will only work from within @voice app so what's the point of not having a option to hide the app icon.
Deepak Goel review Deepak Goel
Pls change/add this setting
Can you add the feature where I am able to repeat the whole paragraph again. Although there is an option to repeat lines but pls extend that to repeating paras.
Great effort
Ramya Jeyamurugan review Ramya Jeyamurugan
Improve for a page with two column
Please improve the app to read first column sentences first. This app read second column first . so that can't use this app for two column pages .
Benjamin Martin review Benjamin Martin
It simply doesn't work. It crashes as soon as you try to use it
ojo gylych review ojo gylych
Daily need for me
Using daily.
deep menpara review deep menpara
Not working in my lenevo phone. Whenever I am trying to open a pdf file it says that Voice aloud reader main app is not installed correctly. Please reinstall and uninstall the app.
sameer kushwaha review sameer kushwaha
Best app
For this TTS app I have changed many phones and PC. From single core to octa core. Windows to Android I read(heared)so many books.
Nathan H review Nathan H
It simply does not work on my LG V10, it says the main app is not installed properly.
karthik kumar review karthik kumar
Not working
Not working in my mobile
pago saha review pago saha
Please sir create pdf Photo to text reader
Bill Tonge review Bill Tonge
Magnifica aplicacion!