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Barret Denman review Barret Denman
Doesn't work
Alcatel pop 7 Stays at black load screen, bugged game with national advertising? Laughable. Won't play this even if fix get it right the first time, quit rushing dev to secure money streams. Haven't you project managers learned yet how insulting this is to your customer base?
Darren M review Darren M
Issue after update fixed
Great game. V addictive.
Daniel McInerney review Daniel McInerney
Awesome game
Game is fun and easy to play while still being a decent challenge, they ask a lot of gold for gettin new characters without any gold payout really, just the first couple levels then its a slow gain if they even give you the chance to get gold.
Dani Moore review Dani Moore
I am having trouble with my game I am playing it, but it keeps telling me to open the game from my install section when getting a new app. I just started today 9/17/2015. I would like some help with this issue and information on how to get more coins. I keep winning in battles and I keep getting rewards but no coins. You need to fix issues so I can change my ratting to a 5 star. It looks like this is one game I will keep. Unless things don't get fixed. Contact me please.
Robert Asciutto review Robert Asciutto
Surprisingly good.
I was skeptical about this game at first. But it's got all the right components. Great for fans of the show too.
Cas Baggins review Cas Baggins
Great game but
I can't log out of my original account. I merged the characters, not knowing how leveling up worked, and now I don't have Glenn and Tyreese! My team blows now ??
Alexander Ditchkofsky review Alexander Ditchkofsky
Only 3 star draws, tops.
Been playing about a month now, game won't draw more then a 3-star wep or survivor. Which means my team sucks.
Kayleigh Perry review Kayleigh Perry
Cool game!
I saw this on an advert on a different game and I was like "that's literally rick from TWD" and I found out it actually was :D
Chris Stentzel review Chris Stentzel
This is such an awesome game. I love the turn base attacking. The only thing that I'd have to say that needs working is making it easier to get 4 or 5 star characters.
Pete Davis review Pete Davis
Fun but...
The gameplay is so much fun. Wish it were less expensive. I dont know exactly know how these ratings control the game's nps rating, but until its less expensive, i stand where i am. Fun to play. Expensive at times.
Joey Franco review Joey Franco
Great game
Fun and addicting. Great game for any fan of the comics or show, or just anyone who loves zombies. I think though there should be Faction rewards for raid events. But great game overall. I will be playing this for while.
Emily Wiley review Emily Wiley
Game won't even open for me... I really wanted to play.. I love the show. But as for now it's a disappointment. More stars when I can actually play.
Skylar Morgan review Skylar Morgan
Can't collect tokens i've earned
Any reason why when i click recruits & rewards it kicks me out the game? Other than that i really like this game
_ stasis review _ stasis
IF I Can Get It to Load Up...
It's a great game. Otherwise, I think I may uninstall it because in all the time I've had it (about 2 weeks or so) I've only gotten it to load up so I can play about 4 times. Most of the time though, it just loads to 100% and stays there, or it crashes while loading. It's ridiculous.
Melissa Faith Pilgrim review Melissa Faith Pilgrim
Yet another game where I have to attack other players and worry about people who will invariably have more time to spend on this than I do. When will game devs learn we don't all want to compete with each other?