War Heroes: Fun Action for Free APK

War Heroes: Fun Action for Free
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Battle players from all around the world in this free, multiplayer action game!

Discover, collect and upgrade 25+ cards with different troops and weapons, from the destructive fighter aircraft to the treacherous landmines that will explode your enemies!

Define your strategy and choose the 8 cards that you will use in the combat. Your decision will make the difference between victory and defeat in this clash!

Game Features:
- Real time strategy: no more boring turn by turn battles
- 25+ different cards: fearsome troops, weapons and gun turrets
- Upgrade your troops to make them more effective in combat
- Clash against your opponents and climb to the top of the rankings
- Pick the best general to lead your troops to victory in this war
- Have the best army: soldiers, snipers, tanks...
- Player vs Player combats online (pvp)
- Play in 5+ fun arenas: each with its unique layout
- Ideal for all types of players - kids and adults, girls and boys

Start shooting your gun to fight and kill your enemies! Are your ready for the battle and adventure?

Get your army ready and start the action! Play now for free this multiplayer card game! And may the best general win the war!

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Nurul Aiman Fiqararimmakin review Nurul Aiman Fiqararimmakin
Almost all of cards are overpower, but overall I think it's ok. Keep up! :)
SA Awans review SA Awans
Good start. But animations are slow Nothing new I think you should not show circle for troops deployment.
unspikeable majastic review unspikeable majastic
IT's like Clash Royale But better and dont sue me clash royale cor saying this game is better
Omegarubic GT review Omegarubic GT
Lol i dont know why, but THIS IS MORE BETTER THAN CLASH ROYALE!! Woahhhh nevermind
Andi Hadiandi review Andi Hadiandi
Lag every swarm enemies deploy and pls add more card
Prayudha Ageng review Prayudha Ageng
well just give 4.. hope will better than the original clash royale
david escutia review david escutia
I thought it was going to be a clash royale rip off but to my surprise it is not. Really good job on this game it is original in some cases but its really fun
Azizi Amran review Azizi Amran
just download it an hour ago and wow, this game amazed me.. all are in good condition.. controls, settings, gameplay and graphics.. I think it's worth my time to play this with Clash Royale..
Lance Golden review Lance Golden
After playing this for a few hours I just wanna say I love it. After playing Clash Royale for a few months this is a breath of fresh air. I love the art style of the game and how well it plays. There aren't op cards that just make the game no fun to play like Clash. Only real complaint is the menu and game lag. If they fix that this could gain traction and give clash a run for it's money.
Kevin Davis review Kevin Davis
Pretty addicting little game. Can play for a long time and not get bored. I also enjoy that so far.....you can't buy your way into power!
Cheríe Carson review Cheríe Carson
This is great. Like clash Royale in army mode! Although I would like it if the public chat be removed because people are say inappropriate stuff and it's really annoying. Also the soldiers are a little dark and hard to see....but other than that I like it!
Kidd Dirt aka Kodak Đirt review Kidd Dirt aka Kodak Đirt
It's just like Clash Royale I wish u would make the chest time less then a hour cause it's really not worth the wait😭😭
Michael Oshilesi review Michael Oshilesi
Impressive. But it Doesn't av computer enemies to battle with, you only have to search for players. And is also a style of Clash Royale game. If it different like, Great Big War Game, I will give it complete 5 stars. Like Great Little War Game.
Gerardo Reyes review Gerardo Reyes
Signed up for the prelaunch list, and was really excited for it! It lags and takes a bit to adjust, but that's probably because it just launched. The game has promise, hopefully the developers patch up the lags and overall slowness. Other than that the game does give competition to Clash Royale, which I also play.
Jayjay Cc review Jayjay Cc
This game is new so I'll cut you slack and give credit where it's due problem is that you'll probably never read this cause no game company ever seems to read or get back to comments and game ratings but this game is great only problem you fight the war to win you're reward how come you have to wait to unlock the rewards you fought hard to earn people do not agree with it especially me I'd rate 5 stars if you instantly unlocked you're prize plus I waited for ever pre-registered for this game and no pre-registration rewards are given out every game hooks you up for pre-registration fix something