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At Wattpad, weโ€™re connecting a global community through the power of the story. Discover free stories and books created by writers around the world! Whatever youโ€™re intoโ€”whether itโ€™s romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction or fanfictionโ€”youโ€™ll find it all for free on Wattpad.

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Wattpad ๐Ÿ“– Free Books APK reviews

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Ryle Lavilles review Ryle Lavilles
Failed to load
Why please why? I can't edit my works because it fails to load. Help.
Mahsa Iles review Mahsa Iles
Group Chats
I absolutely LOVE this app! This is my favorite app I have ever had! I was wondering you guys can add group chats? We are able to message one wattpader, but it would be nice to have multiple in one chat. Is there any chance you all can do this? Many friends have made on the app said they would like this as well. Thank you .?
Thea Valseth review Thea Valseth
The app is really slow and also really annoying. The fact that I finally receive the notifications are fantastic, but that doesn't help much, when I want more books in my library and it takes a forever to just see the cover, title, writer and descriptions. Please fix these things.
Chibi Kun-Senpai review Chibi Kun-Senpai
Each and every update makes me like it less. Guys, if it has no problem, DONT CHANGE IT. More of your so-called 'improvements' are actually ruining it. Please, just leave it be and only change it if you have received numerous reports of crashes. Edit: speaking of which, it keeps crashing. I can't open it and its pissing me off, I have SIX HUNDRED followers to gratify! FIX THIS!!!!
Diabolical Cake review Diabolical Cake
I would suggest you could add something to clear ALL activity at once, rather than me having to spend three hours deleting it all. Or a setting to choose what shows up on the activity feed.
Zoraida Renteria review Zoraida Renteria
I Liked Wattpad With No Ads!!!
When I first started reading books on Wattpad, the app allowed me to read the book with no interruptions; now.... I have to "watch an ad to continue reading". What is that crap?? I used to be able to read without being disturbed. Now I have to watch some stupid ad while reading a book... and I HAVE to watch it if I wanna keep reading. That pissed me off.... I'll change my rate once you change that problem
Anna Archer review Anna Archer
Best app ever!!
I don't really read much but this app is soo addictive it makes you come back to read more and more.
robbie6701 review robbie6701
Loved the concept of this app. I was able to and still am reading so many cool and amazing stories published my fellow readers and writers ALL FOR FREE!!
Inez Lim review Inez Lim
Ads gone wrong
Changed so much since the past. I'd rather have more crashes than have to watch ads all the time. It chews up data and is a waste of time. I'd rather donate to the author directly without going through all the nonsense.
Awesome but one problem...
I tried to put a fanart from one of my readers into a chapter but it didn't work. It would say that the photo is saved, but when I published the chapter, the photo is replaced with a gray "wattpad" logo. Other than that, Wattpad is my #1 go-to reading and writing app. Keep up the good work!
Lilly Niewoehner review Lilly Niewoehner
Love it!
This app is easy to use, fun to share creativity, and great! Now we can write stories and share with the world with a few clicks of a button. The app is simple and fun to use. Nothing can be better
A Google User review A Google User
The best Reading App Ever
I get so engaged I forget I am on wattpad y'all! This is the best reading app I've ever came across. I enjoy reading and writing here. Got a suggestion, more of a feedback to help the app. I think y'all should add like the option to have voice overs for the characters in the books. I mean the cast. I think that will be more fun. Just taking the voice of that character and putting it in the words. I don't know but I think it'll be a good idea. Hard tho but it just crossed my mind the other day.
Cameron Rudy review Cameron Rudy
I love Wattpad. I love the stories, how descriptive it is when it comes to notifications, but I don't like how I can't access some of parts for the stories I've created. I've exited out and back in and redownloaded and it still won't work. It makes me upset that this glitch or whatever it is won't allows me to look back on my work.
Eclipse Silvermoon review Eclipse Silvermoon
Good but needs some stuff
I love this app because I can write as many books as I want and they're saved instantly. Also, I can read classics like Alice in Wonderland that I was curious about since I heard about them! The only problem is that there are some things you can only do on the computer, like dedicating and cast members and I haven't found the way to have a mini description like if you look at someone's followers it'll usually say something like 'in Paris' or 'eating nachos'. I think you should add that but I still love it!
Joelle Beaino review Joelle Beaino
Love it but
absolutely love it but recently it kept on crashing and they say wattpad has stopped and every time I want to see the comment section it all freezes and I have to restart my phone...Of course I tried Beta but It was useless