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We Heart It is a refreshingly positive community where you can search, save, and share what inspires you. Browse We Heart It and share your passion for inspiring quotes, fashion, beauty, photography, travel, music, and more. Join the millions of creators on We Heart It and explore endless curated collections of inspiring photos and articles!

Use the We Heart It app to:

- Explore trending topics in your daily feed of inspiring content: quotes, fashion, photography, wallpapers, travel, beauty, celebrities, TV, movies, & more
- Search millions of posts and find inspiration from our community of creators
- Follow like-minded creators, top influencers, trending topics, and collections
- Discover top writers who share their life experiences, review and recommend new products, share their daily routine, and more

- Download and save your favorite images to your camera roll
- Heart posts you love and save them to a collection
- Invite friends to contribute to collaborative collections

- Upload photos and edit them in our built-in photo editor
- Write articles and share them with your followers
- Endlessly curate your profile and collections
- Get discovered! Top posts are promoted and shared with our millions of users

- Create content that inspires you and your followers
- Heart your favorite posts and add them to a collection on your profile
- Share your masterpiece with the community and beyond: Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

- Customize your app icon: choose between many unique app icons and watch your app icon change instantly!
- Customize your profile: choose from various unique backgrounds and colors to make your profile stand out from the rest!
- Access exclusive wallpapers: download 60 hand picked wallpapers curated by our editors
- Download unlimited watermark free images: heart & save your favorite images without that annoying watermark!
- Get the best look: apply one of our exclusive filters or overlays to make your images stand out from the rest!
- Unlock the ad-free experience: browse endless inspiration without any of the distractions!
- Start your free 3 day trial today!

Be a part of our inspiring community and join the millions of users who have used We Heart It since 2007! 💖


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Pri Brito review Pri Brito
Ya son dos dias seguidos que no puedo subir ninguna foto, me dice que lo intente otra vez y cuando intento de nuevo me pone lo mismo.. no se que pasa pero si sigue asi la voy a tener que eliminar y es una de mis apps favoritas ?
Lydia Parelli review Lydia Parelli
It's a great app for looking pictures to express your feelings.. It really helped when I was lonely.. It is also inspiring and motivating
Krissy Pamphile review Krissy Pamphile
Please... get rid of the ads. They are unnecessary and make the app lag. This is why I will always end up going back to pinterest. It's like I can't browse 3 pages with an ad just popping up (engulfing my whole screen at that) interrupting my enjoyment. Just remove them altogether. For your constant app users at least. And by all means this IS NOT THE FIRST REVIEW ON THIS!
Maša D review Maša D
the video ads are way too annoying - who can enjoy using an app which can start blaring sounds at any moment?! get rid of them and the rating goes up.
Roxana Dosa review Roxana Dosa
App is good but the amount of ads is insane! An ad every 3 pics + the ad bar at the bottom plus the ads on the feed. You guys i get that you need the money but this is starting to get annoying.
Kat C. review Kat C.
It's alright, just no use for right now.
Katie Bulen review Katie Bulen
Great app
If you love looking at pics then you'll love this app. Make a profile and starting adding your own pictures or 'heart' others pics. I love it and have even found cute wallpapers on here! The app won't even open!
Makaila Armour review Makaila Armour
FIRSTLY I DONT SEE A SINGLE AD!!! I used to do be a pinterestaholic but i decided to leave pinterest because theres no realy interesting pics (its mostly for mothers). we heart it is perfect for teens, Plus you can private your page so you can choose who sees it. IT'S PERFECT! Im now a "we heart it aholic"
nabila h review nabila h
5 out of 5
the app is getting better and easier and simpler. love the layout, it's gorgeous. my number one source of inspiring pictures.
I really hate this last update. The app was good but when I click a picture and go back it resets things. For an example when I scroll down to heart pictures and click on one and go back, it resets the scroll. I have to scroll all the way down again...
faraz malik review faraz malik
Last update soo bad
After latest update app goes unresponsive its so annoying
Qvilava review Qvilava
There's this permanent message, that "we heart it is broken". It's really cute made and all but I am not able to search for something or even looking at a pictyre because there's this permanent message. Please fix it :')
Weronika Konieczna review Weronika Konieczna
I love the app so much but...
The piano tiles ads popping up whenever I open the app or click on a photo are really getting on my nerves. It popped up 3 times in a row while I tried to heart a photo... ?
Mia ღ review Mia ღ
I'm having a problem. every time I download a photo from this app, it doesn't show up in my gallery unless I reset my phone. could this problem be fixed?
Danielle King review Danielle King
App won't open
And too many ads.