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Live the life you want. We’ve got your back.
Financial planning and investing with Wealthfront couldn’t be easier: we do it for you, without the high fees. That’s because we use technology to deliver the most comprehensive automated planning solution, powered by sophisticated, time-tested investment strategies developed by our world-class research team.

Meet Path
We think you deserve a better way to experience financial planning. So we developed Path, the most comprehensive automated financial planning and investing solution, to serve as your personal roadmap to financial freedom. You can set up Path in minutes and start building towards your future, understanding instantly how much you should save now for the lifestyle you want down the road. And if you have kids, Path helps you start planning for college today so you can begin saving for those high costs right away.

Get an edge with PassivePlus®
We believe in passive investing, which means maintaining a diversified portfolio of index funds and having the patience to stay the course. But we also believe everyone deserves access to sophisticated financial features. So we developed PassivePlus, which is our signature suite of investment features designed to give you more returns without more risk, with no additional fees. That’s right - the net benefit goes right back to you.

PassivePlus is powered by three unique, time-tested features:

1. Tax Loss Harvesting: Takes advantage of movements in the market to capture investment losses, which can then be used to lower your tax bill.
2. Direct Indexing: An enhanced form of Tax-Loss Harvesting that looks for movements in individual stocks to harvest more tax losses and lower your tax bill even more.
3. Advanced Indexing: Improving on what’s commonly called Smart Beta, this strategy increases your returns by weighting securities in your portfolio more intelligently using a range of factors.

The sooner you start, the closer you’ll be to reaching your goals. So download the app today -- we can’t wait to get to know you!

Wealthfront Inc. is an SEC registered investment adviser. For more information please visit www.wealthfront.com. This description was prepared to support the promotion of Wealthfront's investment services and products, and should not be construed as tax advice, a solicitation or offer, or recommendation, to buy or sell any security. Financial advisory services are only provided to investors who become Wealthfront clients.

PassivePlus® is a registered trademark and property of CSSC Investment Advisory Services, Inc. (“CSSC”) and is used under license. CSSC and Wealthfront are not affiliated companies.

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Wealthfront APK reviews

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Mike Tassinari review Mike Tassinari
No added value
No functionality worth downloading the for. It's not flexible or comprehensive enough. I'll stick to the website for periodically checking in. At least they'll feed data to other aggregators
Diego Magnaguagno review Diego Magnaguagno
Love it
I just wish invest 0.1% in bitcoin with 10/10risk. Bitcoin is the gold 2.0 !!!
Devesh Parekh review Devesh Parekh
Doesn't integrate with TaxAct.
Betterment does. I'm not going to give my business to Intuit, who lobbied to make me have to send this information in my tax filing to begin with, and Intuit's TurboTax is the only software Wealthfront integrates with. I've already put relatives on Betterment, and as soon as Betterment supports brokerage transfer, I'm out of here too.
Craig Allen review Craig Allen
Love the concept and initial performance of the company. The App is just a bonus.
Gustav Gunn review Gustav Gunn
Stealing money through "Tax harvesting"
Kenneth Larsen review Kenneth Larsen
I have been using wealth front for about 2 years and have been very happy with it. With the new upgrade I cannot even get the app to open, I have restarted the phone, deleted and reinstalled the app and there is no difference, it still closes the app as soon as I try to open it.do I need to wait for the next update before I can use the app. Thank you the app works great again
Douglas Tietjen review Douglas Tietjen
Simple investing, love it!
Alex Albert review Alex Albert
Multiple times tried to log in with email and password that I use at a desktop. Every time login failed with 'invalid ID or password' message.
Jacob tyler review Jacob tyler
The latest update broke my path tool. It keeps going into demo mode for no reason. The old path tool worked great this one isn't making any sense the math is all off.
Aakash Shah review Aakash Shah
My phone has a flawed gyroscope. It says that the app is in demo mode, tap to exit and it is stuck there. The app was good when it used to work.
Nicholas Pike review Nicholas Pike
Pretty app, fantastic service.
Ian Thorp review Ian Thorp
Awesome app
Great app and service.
Sterling Smart review Sterling Smart
The app is okay, but has a lot of room for growth.
Viet Nguyen review Viet Nguyen
When do we get Path?
Nathan Waldron review Nathan Waldron
Best way to invest money period!