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Riyon Monari review Riyon Monari
It's an overall good app of the website. One thing you could add is for the books in Library to choose which chapter to access and not start directly from where you left it.
Chase Robertson review Chase Robertson
It has most of the books I like, and crave reading. Plus It's fairly easy to build up their in app currency for when you don't have a stable WiFi for the ads.
derick navarro review derick navarro
Nice app. I can read all the novels i want. Update more novels please. And please fix the daily spirit stones. It flactuates from 8-12. Please give a fixed amount.
akhilesh jha review akhilesh jha
Auto synchronization not performing well
Arvin Fortaleza review Arvin Fortaleza
its easy to download so you can ready any novel u like ev3n without internet
Justlee Togle review Justlee Togle
Should be perfect if theres no black parts when im looking for novels
Yee Tzyypirng review Yee Tzyypirng
Invitation only is retarded. They are using starving tactics like old Xiaomi and OnePlus with their superbly retarded "invite only" system. Only retarded app developers do so, and therefore rightfully deserve a 1 star. If there is negative stars I'll not hesitate at all to give it the maximum negative rating this garbage deserves
Vincentius Natalus review Vincentius Natalus
If its for invite only please just post download link inside login and not post it for public use. I download this app and cannot use it because i dont have your invitation code. NOW i have to uninstall it because it useless for me. its annoying. sorry for my blunt comment.
Berti Kato review Berti Kato
Invite hidden behind login so personal info is already provided. G+ sign in doesn't work. Facebook wants access to friend list. App wants access to phone.
Elliott Bechtol review Elliott Bechtol
so far no working codes so can't fully test the app , even after finding them on their website , but also now after looking in to the app , its data mining info from the phone thats not needed by them for the app's usage ( the data mining info is from posts on the Novel Updates forums ) i know this is a V1 of the app , but i think even if i get a code for testing i'll not be using it and just read the site via my phones web browser and thats a great pity as i was looking forwards to this for the last 2 months since the website went beta ps i love the morons that have put a5 stars up and don't even have a invite ..? how can you even do that if you review something at least be honest
Sixx Sense review Sixx Sense
What a dumb way to discrediting yourself. This invitation thing only gives you bad ratings the most. Lord Fifth gonna hate you for this
Ryan Courtney review Ryan Courtney
I know a lot of people feel unhappy about the beta app's invitation exclusivity. I can't even get one and I read light novels constantly. But despite the lacking acquirement of codes, I still support this- just in the hopes that translations of overseas novels can reach something of a positive introduction into Western culture. Here's hoping, right?
Gema Noor review Gema Noor
All be honest here. I saw this update will come sooner or later. But devs must know that many people read here mostly for free and Devs must know that free reader is more that reader that actually want to pay for read. So devs can't forget about them. I hope that this pay to read chapter can be tone down a little by make is accessible when the new chapter updated (like the ads usually do, 2 new chapter with ads and when the new chapter come 1 become free from ads) Im willing spend money for novel that i really want to read but please consider everyone that can't afford to buy that kind of service and can only support by viewing ads
John Phillip Rodavia review John Phillip Rodavia
A money grabbing machine after the update.so disappointed instead of exploiting the ads for earning money, you focus on directly asking for money. A short sighted goal that will lose some users real quick. A way to ruin your reputation. From 5 stars to 1 star way to go qidian!!!
Riavianca Cuizon review Riavianca Cuizon
I hate it!! I super duper love it before the update but now i hate it! Expensive. I dont really mind the update that we need to buy the stone. But it become to expensive 12?? Are you kidding me?? There is no way that we could even watch advertisements to skip paying.. i really dont matter how long the ads was. But now??? Its not even there...