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Welcome to Folklore Manor! Anime Girlfriend Game

1.0.0 · Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Will your tale have a happy ending…?

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Version 1.0.0
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Category Games, Adventure
ID studio.genius.yokai
Requirements 5.0 and up

Welcome to Folklore Manor! Anime Girlfriend Game 1.0.0 APK description


Living away from your parents involves a lot of responsibility, but things become twice as interesting when you go house-hunting and meet some interesting new friends. They’re not just pretty girls - they’re yokai, spirits of the supernatural from ancient folklore!

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Welcome to Folklore Manor! Anime Girlfriend Game latest version

Can you play the role of hero and save the yokai from an evil corporation run by greedy humans? And above all, will you make these girls fall in love with you at the end? Control your destiny in this thrilling yet romantic adventure!


Sora, the Tsundere Yokai

You know her from school as Sora the Slaughterer, but only because the entire student body is scared of her. Soon, you find out that she is a yokai who owns a large mansion in the city. With her quick-witted tongue, a vulpine attitude, and a strong determination to protect her ancestral domain, will she manage to capture your affection?

Yuki, the Shy Snow Fairy

Yuki isn’t as cold as her powers make her seem to be. She is friendly enough for a smile or two, but oftentimes shy to divulge her true feelings. Digging deeper, you soon realize why she likes to keep things to herself. Will you assist the snow fairy on her journey to self-discovery, or will you treat her in a frigid manner?

Sakura, the Enigmatic Oni

This beautiful demon doesn’t like you. There’s no doubt about that. Her talent in sarcasm can rip you to shreds, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know her a bit better! How will you make Sakura smile again? And more importantly, what dark secret lies beneath her cold demeanor? It’s up to you to find out.
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Download (16.38 MB)

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