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Tahir Ahmed review Tahir Ahmed
Lovely Game
Lovely Game with HD quality...am getting addicted to this game....just loving it....lots of things still to explore... Good job..
Greg Miller review Greg Miller
Having trouble with getting credits. They keep telling me to hit help button on free credits and there isn't one .....
Green House review Green House
Very inaccurate game, even when you take in consideration changing conditions and try to apply and adapt. No consistency ' s on similar conditions. Impossible to get accurate even when you do everything right. Game try's to be to annilitical which would be good if it calculated correctly, but does not.
Dave Cadden review Dave Cadden
Great but 1 major flaw
This is a great game. 1 major flaw (for me personally) i cannot for the life of me turn the vibrate off to signal its my turn - why is this not an option in audio settings? 5 stars if it was fixed but cannot play it like that.
Desean White review Desean White
Truely Awesome
I'm really liking this game,even though I don't play in reality
Ronald Graham review Ronald Graham
I have enjoyed this online game for one month now. I have found the amount spent on equipment is reasonable to the level of play you desire . The men an women here are mature an friendly. Fun for all ages.. Looking foward to meeting you there soon?
Russell Stephic review Russell Stephic
I like the game but seems a lil unrealistic some shot come out great but ill swing same power and it goes nowhere.
James Clark review James Clark
Best golf game by far. I started playing birdy king in the 80's in arcades then "Jacks greatest 18" on the Tandy 2000 my parents had. This is an amazing realistic game that any golfing fanatic will love. Than you wgt !
John Malone review John Malone
Great Golf.
This is a great golf game with lots of great visuals and graphics. Its very challenging which is why I love this game. The pro shop has real name brands for you to purchase and improve your play. Its an all around great game.
Shane Molloy review Shane Molloy
Great game but....
There needs to be consequences for people that forfeit games during play just because the make a crap shot.. Very frustrating... Otherwise good game
Kevin O'Dea review Kevin O'Dea
Really great graphics!
Lots of challenging courses, but could use more options for learning how to putt with the sloping greens.
Ursula Brown review Ursula Brown
In a perfect world I'd ask for no adverts in between games and the golf kit is a tad expensive on credits but I do enjoy the game.
Steve Melillo review Steve Melillo
Wished they'd quit taking my fn balls...cause its not fn real... And we pay for good balls
Zachery Lewis review Zachery Lewis
Great game but where the hell do they come up with these ridiculous prices for the equipment game would be a 5 if you could get better equipment easier
Shehzad Khan review Shehzad Khan
It's Not Opening....
It is not connecting through wifi.....plz fix this problem then I will give it 5 stars.....