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What if.. is a question game where you say "Yes" or "No" to casual, personal, challenging and crazy questions and immediately see how other players answered! Perfect for parties as well as for just passing time. You have nothing to lose, try it out!

What if… you could extend your lifespan with 20 healthy years.
But… you step on a piece of lego every day when you least expect it.

The world says: 46% Yes, 54% No
What do you say?

 • With 100,000+ questions and new every day the fun never ends!
 • Share questions with your friends and see what they answer!
 • Create your own questions and see its statistics!
 • 150000+ positive reviews

Aaand another one:

What if.. monsters were real.
But.. all other animals went extinct.

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What if.. APK reviews

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balaguru raghupathi review balaguru raghupathi
Time Killer
This is by far the best timepass app I would probably use on my phone.
Valeria Espinoza review Valeria Espinoza
Time passes
I just love how this is just a game where you just answer questions and other people have an answered the same questions amd time passes so yiu can justmplay thia games if youve had a long day
Alina E. review Alina E.
Love this app: good for passing time, simple, and isn't glitchy. Keep it up!
Alan Ehlers review Alan Ehlers
I'd give it 6 stars just for the way they get you to rate the app.
Youssef Sharaf review Youssef Sharaf
Fix the "hot" section
It's full of people who are like "What if you like me But please like me" -_-
Laura Mic review Laura Mic
A fun app!
I like using it with my friends and seeing what they say :)
Gabby TheBest review Gabby TheBest
They asked me what if you could make 3 app developers very happy but you had to give them a high rating, I answered yes and it took me here. Cute. This game is a fun way to pass time and get to know yourself I highly suggest you get it.
Kazuto Kirigaya review Kazuto Kirigaya
What if
You could make three develepors happy but you have to give a high rating
kenoon review kenoon
Lol nice bait
Got baited. But 5 stars for the dev lol
Michael Serbinov review Michael Serbinov
Good job
This app makes me think about choices we make every day of our lives
Destiny Verduzco review Destiny Verduzco
Im addicted to this game its tricky tho b/c it said something about 3 kind app developers and it lead me hear when i said yes so tjays awesome??❤?????????I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has ever been bored
TT BatGirl TT review TT BatGirl TT
My first 5 star app rating ?
The question got me here xD. Very original
TJ Eagle review TJ Eagle
Points Don't Work
I installed an app that was 500 points and have been playing it and no points yet..
Kerri Mcelreath review Kerri Mcelreath
The game made me do it
Im not saying I hate the game because it is pretty good and I would play it but there's just one thing it made me do this and I don't want to do it so don't click YES on it because if you do click yes then you will have to give this game high ratings and I will feel very sad for you so just don't do it okay I don't want you to do it okay so please don't????????????
Sebasaurus review Sebasaurus
It's good for passing time plus it also makes you think before you answer which is very cool.