WhatsApp Wallpaper APK

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Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp Messenger

To use our wallpapers:
1) install and launch WhatsApp Messenger
2) start a conversation with a friend
3) choose Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp

WhatsApp Wallpaper APK reviews

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sidra javed review sidra javed
It should be more cool
Only dark dumb dull grey is used, it should be more cool, bright & wonderfull..plz work for it ...avoid pink also..
issac v.abraham review issac v.abraham
Needs more wallpapers
The number of wallpapers is far too less.with the number of downloads the app has it would have been quite splendid had there been more wallpapers to choose from.
Harry Neave review Harry Neave
Crap crap crap
Crap crap crap
Zaria Garrison review Zaria Garrison
! Love it
It's on it's awesome I love it so easy to use and I guess you can't do anything to make it better cuz its already better I love it so much oh my gosh is like it's awesome and you can use it really easily but this one little problem there's a problem that you can't change wallpaper on other chat if you do changes on the chat you just changed
Sanket Bhattad review Sanket Bhattad
Boring and outdated look and feel
I was happy using whats app when i was using it through a parallel platform whatsapp+ as its more fun there... i could change the colours and style of my whatsapp the way i want it to. I could use different colour text and new funny emoji etc etc.. but now that you have banned us from that i am pretty sure i will move on to other options available in india like HIKE! HIKE is way awesome and is not as boring in look and feel like whatsapp. Sorry but you have started to disappoint atleast me if not others.
Alexandra Sears review Alexandra Sears
Most used app
Never had a single problem, privacy settings are really good and over all just a great app!
Hira Amjad review Hira Amjad
It is a very good app...easy to use..easily you can send your piçs,videos,songs etc ...love this app
jalina gurung review jalina gurung
It was an average app not very good nor very bad
It was a sort of boring in the starting but in the middle the wallpapers were average but in the end it was again very boring.
Bradley Gibbs review Bradley Gibbs
High rating only for perfect integration and aesthetics. But it's otherwise pointless...
Indana Simonde review Indana Simonde
Wears up?
It doesn't work. Just sticks to telling m that the time and detention on my phones. Are wrong..
Joshi Deep review Joshi Deep
It's cool
It looks very cool and nice wallpicss
ajay kumar review ajay kumar
Verry good aaps ye aaps aisa ki hum sab kahi par bhi ho hum sab ko ek sath rakhta hai aur isi tarah hum sab desh vasiyo ko ek sath rahne ki prerna deta hai isiliye is aaps ko meri taraf se five star
nihil joshi review nihil joshi
Good good good good good good good good good
Tristan O'Kennedy review Tristan O'Kennedy
It's ok
there so many awesome wall papers, but then you can only chose 1 for EVERYBODY. You should make it that different wallpaper can go on multiple contats
Conal McGinley review Conal McGinley
Ugly, outdated and boring wallpapers. These wallpapers ate so boring and hideous. It is frustrating because the ones on iOS are quite nice.