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WhatsWeb For WhatsApp
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Whatsweb for Whatsapp web - Dual whatsapp Account on 1 device
WhatsApp messenger for chat like skype, viber, kik, facebook and tango
clone another whatsapp in seconds
Run 2 WhatsApp messenger accounts in 1 device!

read chat history
send and receive photos and videos
send audio
forward media
share contacts

Multi Whatsapp messenger : Multiple whatAapp account in one phone.
Sync your WhatsApp account to your mobile or tablet

With whatsweb you can:

1. Open the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices
- WhatsWeb. Finally! You can run whatsapp Web on your phone & tablet!
- Scan the QR code to sync your account to whatsweb.
- Dual whatsapp . Use your whatsapp Account on dual devices. on your phone, tablet or multiple devices simultaneously.
- Multi whatsapp. Run multiple whatsapp accounts on a single device. You can have 2 whatsapp in 1 device.
- While at home, sync from your phone to tablet, so you can chat and reply from your tablet. Tablet for whatsapp.
- OGwhatsapp Clone. You can clone your work account to your personal phone/tablet or vice versa.

2. Full access:
- Have all your contacts, chats list, chat history, messages, photos and files on multiple devices.

4. Easy-to-use, Easy-to-setup.

5. Works on ALL devices!

Whatsweb for whatsapp allows you to run two whatsapp accounts in a single device OR You can also run the same whatsapp account on multiple devices. It is entirely up to you!
- Double Whatsapp, double the fun!
- You can have dual whatsapp in 1 device!
- You can have your whatsapp account on dual devices!

1. Install and Open Whatsweb on device (Phone/Tablet) you want to sync/clone your whatsapp to
2. Open whatsapp on your main phone (the account you want to clone)

- On Android: Scroll to the Chats screen -> Menu -> whatsapp Web.

- On iPhone: Click Settings -> whatsapp Web.

- On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: Go to Menu -> whatsapp Web.

- On Nokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen -> whatsapp Web.

- On BlackBerry: Go to Chats -> Menu -> whatsapp Web.

- On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen -> whatsapp Web.

3. After clicking "whatsapp web", you should see a camera QR scanning screen.
4. Now scan the QR code displayed on whatsweb
5. Done! Sync complete! Now you can access the same whatsapp account on both devices!
6. Enjoy 2 whatsapp in 1 device!

For more info, see the video above.


To ensure best performance:

1. Ensure that the main phone with the whatsapp account you wish to sync to is connected to the internet. Wifi is best.
2. Remove un-used chat list and chat groups. This reduces the data required to transfer, therefore speeding up performance.

WhatsWeb Additional features

- Support every single mobile (All devices)
- Faster load (Cashe support)
- 110% Zoomed for more visibility

Stay tuned for more very soon ;)

PS: This app is an independent one and is not affiliated with any other company including WhatsApp inc.

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trending videos review trending videos
After update automatically logged out previous login
Not good guys now I dont have same phone to scan again the code
Deepak Tiwari review Deepak Tiwari
Not working after update latest version
I had updated but want reprocess.. but I can't reprocess bcoz I am out of town...
Kenny Xiao review Kenny Xiao
Whatsweb has stopped
Why ????????????after update latest version ... But the problem had fixed,trimsss karoon and google..good program and really love it.thankss
Aditya Bhadange review Aditya Bhadange
Thanks for quick action.
Problem solved.
lynn b review lynn b
It'a very good app I like it it 's working perfectly. Thank you so much for this app. It s working even after the update. I will give 5 stars when u fix the audio .
Vinod behl review Vinod behl
I have not see manage option account & security & and both of connect internet & 2.3 minutes late connect fix plz help me
fatin nabila11 review fatin nabila11
Please update your connection. I need to scan code everytime I open app. It waste my time and not convince. You should make it log in untill user choose to log out. Did it's only for one account in a time? User will be enjoy if they can scan multiple account in one time and not need to rescan the code every time they use your app. Your attention will be helpful. Thank you.
Aditya Pawar review Aditya Pawar
I think people here don't know about it. It uses a function called what's app web which is a official launch by WhatsApp for those who chat on PC using Whatsapp. They just have to scan the code to chat. But this chatting window can't be opened at the phone so this app helps us there to open this website on mobile so that we can sign in to what's app web by scanning code.
Pankaj Kumar review Pankaj Kumar
Worst app I have ever seen.This app is a direct privacy threat on WhatsApp account. Using this app one can be troubled by his/her known persons and friends. Using this app someone other's account can be monitored easily. So please I request you to add some verification process so one would not be troubled and trolled. And guys don't use this app fir GOD sake.
Luv bhardwaj review Luv bhardwaj
This app is really worst.!! Why the hell i am signed out from account i scanned(signed-in). I believe that you guys are drunk or something when you were inventing this app coz this app is just valid or can be used for limited time then you have to scan or signed-in again. I am giving you 1star coz of this problem, solve this problem so that customer can get satisfaction and after that i'll give you 5 * and also recommend (after solving this problem)my close-one's to use this app.
James Bright review James Bright
It's a app but very annoying since I downloaded it.it never stop retrying. Pls work on it cos I like the idea esp with call forwarding
Pinal Desai review Pinal Desai
Have to wait for minutes to get the things done. And at the end, it may or may not happen. However the program is good. Need to reduce time to boot up. Appreciate the efforts. Still will not remove the app. Will wait for the developer to give an update that works speedily. Good luck.
krishna singh review krishna singh
App is good but only problem I m getting when again start it just showing retry option again and again and I have to wait for an hour . I have not given 4 or 5 star because of this. Pls issue this problem.
Moga Dass review Moga Dass
Awesome to used. But I can't listen the audio n video. Its really pain you know... If sometimes they using voice talks mean how can spy them
Ankit Jain review Ankit Jain
Not working :(
In my sony Xperia SP app is showing "we recommend using WhatsApp messages right from your computer. " and showing browsers list: Google Chrome, mozilla, opera And other some browsers. Please help.