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kyle denny review kyle denny
Fun but...
I love this app! I've played it before on a previous device but for some reason it wont work on my new device. Someone wanna tell me why?
Alexander Chia review Alexander Chia
Awesome. Remind me back my childhood game.
Paul Nunez review Paul Nunez
Its good
Its hard to get it at first but i got the hang of it
KHJ Games review KHJ Games
Thank you so much for this great app I'm glad to say I'll finally get the full version!
Song Mi Lee review Song Mi Lee
I love how you can see your digimon grow and what-not, but I am slightly peeved about the really limited evolution tree for the free version.
Yuki Neigeux review Yuki Neigeux
I live this game, it's awake and being a widget it doesn't get in the way of other apps. Paying is cheap and worth it for any Digimon fan.
Jordan Homsher review Jordan Homsher
i love this app
its just like digimon so i really love this app
Mikey Boyy review Mikey Boyy
Love it
This is amazing I love this app I feel like everyone should have this app
Nathan Black review Nathan Black
It's really good
My only problem is I want to be able to get certain evolutions and it's not really clear on how to make sure you get different branches. Normally I'd look it up but there's not much of a community out there and trial and error would take way to long. You should really put in a more detailed description of how to get which branch.
David Gutierrez review David Gutierrez
the battles needs to be tweaked a bit. kinda feels like its random on who wins. can't seem to get the digimon on the far left side of the aqua egg tree. i hope to see more updates to this widget. such a great app that runs in the background, no problems yet with on how it runs. i just wish i could get some digimon like gigimon, guilmon and ect. also viximon, renamon and etc. would definitely 5 star this game if it had those digimon. but even more so if the battles were tweaked a bit.
kj vonkitty review kj vonkitty
Very fun
I like how you can pick a egg
Zack Chan review Zack Chan
Very nice app
So retro. Missed the days playing with the digivice
Anna Torbeck review Anna Torbeck
I really enjoy it :)
It's a lot of fun :D
Rexus PewPew review Rexus PewPew
Please fix the freeze when the digimon finishes its training. Also, cant delete digimons even after removing it from home screen
Dark Empirez review Dark Empirez
When you stres u look at phone stres gone haha I luv it