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The most complete educational game about animals: 192 animals from 6 continents!

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Version 1.9.3
Developer Knbmedia
Category Games, Educational
ID com.knbmedia.findthemall
Requirements 3.0 and up

Wildlife & Farm Animals 1.9.3 APK description

"Find them all: looking for animals" ("Wildlife & farm animal for kid" on Google Play) is an educational game which offers them the opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat (farmyard, savannah, desert, jungle, sea, etc.).

Entirely spoken in 8 languages, the game comprises levels, each of which depicts a different environment you have to explore (farm, Africa, Australia, Asia, North and South America).

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Wildlife & Farm Animals latest version

★★★★ Key features ★★★★

✔ 144 animals from 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America and Farm)
✔ Names in 8 languages
✔ Calls,animated pictures, cards, photos and now videos!
✔ Over 200 audio commentaries
✔ Find and take photos, create jigsaw puzzles, win prizes etc.

✔ Assistance and instructions are spoken
✔ Simplified interface
✔ No advertising and parental control

★★ Educational features ★★

✔ Learn the language
✔ Explore foreign languages
✔ Concentrate and stay focused
✔ Solve puzzles

★★ Contents ★★

✔ Farm: bee, donkey, lamb, duck, cat, horse, goat, dog, pig, cockerel, turkey, frog, owl, rabbit, sheep, goose, magpie, foal, hen, chick, fox, mouse, tortoise, cow. Environments: farmyard, pond, pasture.
✔ Wildlife of Africa: african lion, lioness, meerkat, cheetah, hyena, ostrich, okapi, african elephant, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, crocodile, springbok, greater kudu, camel, fennec fox, cobra, oryx, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon, flamingo. African environments: savannah,forest,desert.
✔ Wildlife of Oceania and Australia: echidna, kiwi, bat, cassowary, ibis, red crab, green turtle, humpback whale, dolphin, dugong, manta ray, sea lion, monitor lizards, saltwater crocodile, kangaroo, emu, Wombat, Tasmanian devil, koala, cuscus , platypus, frill-necked lizard, dingo. Australian environments: bush,sea,island.
✔ Wild animal of Asia: tiger, panda, red panda, Asian elephant, Indian rhinoceros, orangutan, proboscis monkey, red-crowned crane, snow leopard, saiga, clouded leopard, bactrian camel, yak, gharial, Malayan tapir, water buffalo, pangolin, peafowl, sun bear, caracal, hornbill, langur, python, tarsier. Asian environments:jungle, river, Hymalaya.
✔ Wild animal of North america: mustang, american bison, coyote, rattlesnake, vulture, prairie dog, roadrunner, pronghorn, black-tailed jackrabbit, grizzly, moose, raccoon, skunk, puma (american cougar), bald eagle, bighorn sheep, mountain Goat, wolverine, polar bear, arctic fox, snowy owl, seal, walrus, beluga. North american environments: desert, forest, mountain, icefield.
✔ Wild animal of South america: Amazon river dolphin, anaconda, armadillo, caiman, capybara, chinchilla, coati, condor, giant anteater, iguana, jaguar, lion tamarin, llama, macaw, maned wolf, mara, ocelot, red-eyed treefrog, rhea, scarlet ibis, sloth, spectacled bear, spider monkey, toucan

Please visit http://www.find-them-all.com or http://www.facebook.com/FindThemAll for further information about this free safari photo game!
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