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Eric Weininger review Eric Weininger
Awesome I enjoy the bonuses
Dee Dee Sanchez review Dee Dee Sanchez
And depressing.... Doesn't pay out enough:( always sucks up my coins..... Can never bet high cause it doesn't pay enough not does it hardly ever pay what you bet crazy you bet 1200.00 and get paid 72 what's up with that... Love the animation and the music and the games just want more pay out so can have more fun... And now it says there is a new game but can't find it:((((
Dave Willitts review Dave Willitts
Gene Wilder so long.
Not as much begging in this game, unlike other Zjanga games. Just so tight as to be unenjoyable even frustrating. That is a nasty crew at Turner Investments (Zinga) wish I could remove that last f'n star. Out of 10 I give this game 1. It would be a great game, but there's no chance for winning after a year of play Zinga sucks hard
Moo Moo review Moo Moo
Love it... One of my favorite slots games.
More realistic than most. You win some and you lose some. It has some of the best bonus games and free spin reels. There are a couple of the games that I haven't won anything on, but all the others make up for it. Its loads of fun. The best part is the free coins you get every couple hours.
Aquaysha Johnson review Aquaysha Johnson
I like this game
Heather review Heather
love the music!! love the candy!!
Maricela Carrizosa review Maricela Carrizosa
Lots of fun
Christopher Parrish review Christopher Parrish
As far as the actual slots themselves I give 5 stars. But I have to lower score dramatically its very laggy and choppy. AND in my first 30 minutes there was like 100 frikin pop-ups. I just downloaded.. just started playing.. Im not going to invest on day 1.. Im not even going to play again that was a horrible experience.
Maureen Gillen review Maureen Gillen
Did like they asked n synced, now I lost friends, days, You can NEVER GET AHOLD OF parent company to ask questions about. I really do like playing these games but getting tougher n tougher to level up get coins. Play if you like but beware
Nancy Rivera review Nancy Rivera
Payouts started out great bonuses are alot harder to get as you level up. Very frustrating have to watch alot of adds to receive credits just to play.
Tammy mencke review Tammy mencke
fix the problems with the game. i have put in a few complaints about a purchase that i made. still havent heard back about it and its been months since. i will not rate this game higher because its a rip off. and i take it highly when i spend actual money playing a game. so i would tell everyone not to waste their hard earned money. i did not get the amount of coins it said for the money i paid. not even half what it claimed. and customer service SUCKS!!! im not even sure they have customer service. love the game and the graphics. definately fun but do not waste your MONEY!!!!
Amy Lawhorn review Amy Lawhorn
Out of all the games I play this is my favorite and always come back to play daily. Plus when I'm out of coins you replinish them so I can keep playing. Thank you. Amy Lawhorn Valentine
Scott Groff review Scott Groff
Why did I reinstall it. Over 2mil in coins paid less than 200. Note to self do not i repeat do not reinstall.
Sabby Sprinx review Sabby Sprinx
Now I remember why I uninstalled it last year. It's the lowest bonus, worst paying slot game, with the best graphics, out there. Smh.
carmen martinez review carmen martinez
The kind of game you can't put down