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Wingspan Scoresheet

1.17.5-fluegelschlag · Michael Evelt

A score sheet app for the board game Wingspan

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Offers Free
Version 1.17.5-fluegelschlag
Developer Michael Evelt
Category Apps, Tools
ID de.michael.spiele.fluegelschlag
Requirements 8.0 and up

Wingspan Scoresheet 1.17.5-fluegelschlag APK description

The app "Wingspan Scoresheet" provides a digital scoresheet to calculate the results of your Wingspan games. It also enables you to manage the players, view previously played games and also delivers some simple statistical analysis.

This is not an official product by "Stonemaier Games" or "Feuerland-Spiele".
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Wingspan Scoresheet latest version

The icon and main image is extracted from and was originally uploaded by TexasEagle:
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Latest change log:

Added 18 more player image options

Other version

Version Arch OS Updated
1.17.5-fluegelschlag (2 variants) Bundles Universial Android 8+ 2022-12-07 (5 months ago)
1.17.3-fluegelschlag Bundles Universial Android 8+ 2022-11-28 (5 months ago)
1.16.0-fluegelschlag Bundles Universial Android 8+ 2022-09-25 (8 months ago)
1.15.0-fluegelschlag Bundles Universial Android 8+ 2022-08-08 (9 months ago)
1.13.0-fluegelschlag Bundles Universial Android 8+ 2022-04-13 (1 year ago)
1.12.1-fluegelschlag Universial Android 8+ 2022-01-16 (1 year ago)
1.2.0-fluegelschlag Universial Android 8+ 2020-03-09 (3 years ago)
1.1.0-fluegelschlag Universial Android 8+ 2020-02-28 (3 years ago)
1.0.0 Universial Android 8+ 2020-02-18 (3 years ago)