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Bonita Myers review Bonita Myers
Wizard of Oz
Love this slots. Hate when I am forced to uninstall as I have limited high speed & limited storage space. So when I do uninstall my daily & hourly free coin bonus starts all over again at day one. Not all slot games do this. Wish that technicality could be changed. Otherwise I enjoy this game more than any other.
Tracey Lee review Tracey Lee
Excellent game
It keeps me entertained daily
Deborah Brewer review Deborah Brewer
I was addicted to this game
Lots of fun! I love the Epic wins. You can go down quickly and come back big time. Winning has changed, not so great anymore! All slots are very tight, takes away a lot of the fun. :( please change the games back! Big WINS are back! Update EPIC WINS ARE BACK! I don't like that your coins don't transfer across all of your devices! That you have to prove what you had by providing screen shots etc... Well if your device has been lost or stolen you can't give that information!
Phyl Henry review Phyl Henry
This is thee most addictive game, ever! This game has saved me thousands. It is my substitute for the real thing. Gamblers Anonymous can't touch this! Thanks for keeping me out of the casinos.
Need more videos for free credits more often? and you need to do more of when it only takes 1hr to replenish credits and the 2 times more credit.. Y'all slipping going to stop playing soon if y'all don't give that stuff more often.. Not fun anymore have to wait to long.. And no I am not spending real money for a game I get nothing back on..
Charlie Newson review Charlie Newson
Great game I love the graphics enjoy playing this game every day. Need to add more machines, I'm at level 603 I'm loosing money because run out of machines.
Paul Byrne review Paul Byrne
Every time I try the video bonus, the game freezes. I have had the game freeze up even during the bonus spins. Awesome layout, but you will have to pay to really get anywhere. I'm about done with it because of freeze ups and can't get anywhere without paying. Wtf?
Jane Sprenkel review Jane Sprenkel
I updated this and it wiped all my games now i have to download all again.i been trying and it won't let me download any again.i like this game but i won't give 5star till i know it is working right please fix it
Non of my game will down load if i could play more then 1Game i would. Give you a5star rating. Don't you now how to fiw this if not tell me so i can delete it and put a game on that started to work but now it stop again why
mike jackson review mike jackson
Don't even bother. Oh they are nice slots and they let you win in the beginning but, after that they screw you Royal.They stole over 350 million credits from me.,If they tell you to sync you games don't do it . That's were they screw you
trista cline review trista cline
Best slots ever but....
I love this slot game and i play for hours i even buy coins to play I'm so addicted. THe only thing i would suggest is not having to wait 2 hours to get bonus coins also your bonus stops going up at 7 days in a row i would like to see it keep going up or after 7 days you get a special bonus. Other than that it is a GREAT WONDERFUL GAME!
Jim Coosh review Jim Coosh
Wizard of oz
Great graphics. Made it to level 334 and still going. Most of the time the game works very well. On occasion when there have been problems, they have been cleared up to my satisfaction. Best game going.
dave daniels review dave daniels
Wizard of oz
Took my 11billon points back to O blocked out and can not play at all.
Helen Gault review Helen Gault
Great graphics, fun, exciting, and challenging. Getting very frustrating and irritating, winning is becoming less and less, credits dissapearing and in general getting boring. 😴 I'm loving it again. Oh well either my luck is short lived, or these slots just don't like me and refuse to let me win. I haven't won much At All, for about 2 weeks, I'm not a good loser, especially when I'm constantly losing, I'm getting ready to uninstall soon. Sorry 😦😢😬😠
Annette Tuchton review Annette Tuchton
My wizard freezes up a lot
Zynga wizard of oz slots is great.
Brandon Perry review Brandon Perry
Spent a bit of bucks. Same thing over and over. Lets u win big qucik. After a bit it stops untill u spend some more bucks then win again. If u dont spend cant get it over the 10 million point. .. ive had enough