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Wondershare PowerCam
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# New UI
New Camera , New Design, New Experience.
# New Homepage
Quick access to select features such as Camera, Edit, Collage, Gallery and more…
# New Store
Cameras and Filters in the “Store”where you can add and manage your favorite camera modes and filters. all Free!
# 100+ Free Exclusive Filters & Effects
Hunders of filters & effects creat your wonderful life.
# Special Filters
Take photos, Get free special filters !
# Professional Edit&Puzzle UI and UX
Crop, Rotate, Blur, Adjust and more professional grade editing features for you.

• "App Store BEST of 2012" at Apple App Store
• "Staff Favorites" at Apple App Store
• "App of the Week" at Apple App Store
• No.1 App in Photo/Video category or all categories in nearly 100 countries
• 1 Million Downloads in the first 7 days
• Over 30 Million Downloads in 6 months


★Shooting Videos with Real-time Effects
The first Android camera apps that support to recording video with real-time effects in Google Play, WYSIWYG! (Android 4.3 and above);

★Capture Photos with Real-time Effects
Add real-time effects to photos while shooting. Simply switch between 36 effects like Old Photo, Lomo Cyan, for inspiration or simply for fun.

★Photo Booth with Various Layouts
You can take consecutive photos and to fool around with your friends, how fun it is!

Snap away in a semi-circle and the app will automatically combine your shots seamlessly into a great looking landscape. Also, add all those great effects to your panorama photos in real time, too!

★Color Splash
Keep a bit of color against black and white, or vice versa. Tap to switch between different color splash shooting modes and the app will do the rest.

Choose between Linear Mode for landscapes and Polar Mode for round objects. This technique plays with the focus of the lens in order to make your subject look like miniature.

★Time Lapse
Intelligently recognize faces and start counting down - so you can just smile and look good.

★Smile Shot
Detect you smile and capture the photo automatically. This is the coolest and the easiest way for you to capture a portrait photo.

Tab on the viewfinder area to capture a photo directly.

Stand on shaky and wanna capture great photo? That’s what Anti-Shaking will help you.

★Incredibly powerful toolsets for editing
• Tap to enhance photo in seconds
• Transform a soulless picture into a work of art with over 60+ effects and frames
• Tap once to beautify portrait with Face Beauty
• Crop or rotate your photo any way you like, and adjust Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Sharpness to fine tune to your liking.

★Multiple options to create awesome collage
• Three ways to create collage: Template, Free and Join.
• Select suitable grid from plenty of templates.
• Set different ratio for photo.
• Change among lots of backgrounds and layouts.
• Adjust edge distance and corners.

★Share Almost Anywhere
• Share single one or several photos in batch to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Feel free to reach us:
Website: http://powercam.wondershare.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PowerCamApp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/PowerCamApp
Instagram: @PowerCam

Wondershare PowerCam APK reviews

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A Google User review A Google User
I like "selfie city" better
There's a lot of different affects and options but it does not have a good "random" option. It is a decent application but if you want something that is..... Smoother.... Try "selfie city" (especially if you have crappy skin) or. Even more simple Retrica, yet still a lot of effects! I just got this one a few days ago so I'm still learning it.
Becky Clark review Becky Clark
I was excited about the app because it looks clean, easy to pickup and use. I was disappointed when I tried to record a video and did not work. Sometime it did not saved and even it is saved, I couldn't not play the video. I wanna send feedback in the app. The feedback feature is also not working. I have a Samsung note3 phone. I would love to use the app. Please fix!
Flutterlover 630 review Flutterlover 630
Doesn't work with panorama or video
I like how it takes high quality pictures but whenever I try and download the other cameras, it only downloads the blur and the colour one. I feel disappointed because I want to record videos but the download won't work, so if you could fix that I will rate this 5 stars
Limkong Lim review Limkong Lim
It doesn't work.
It used to be working nicely. But now it just doesn't work. It can't even open the camera. It becomes a horrible app. Too bad.
zNexusPvP MCPE review zNexusPvP MCPE
One problem!
When i started to record a video and enable my music, it automatically stops the music i''m playing and record without music ? pls help!
Jonathan P. review Jonathan P.
Video recorder NO SOUND
I recorded a video of a memorable moment. Later i tried to post to social media and what happened? No sound at all! Ironically it was a video of a music performance so no sound = no use. No sound on social media post nor when I view it through the app. Uninstalled immediately.
Leo B. review Leo B.
I use to use this app alot. I reinstalled it after resetting my phone. Now I see video adds and regular adds pop up. Not good when your wanting to take a photo of anything else but a static subject. I missed several picture opportunities due to this. I do like the filters but it's not worth missing that shot your trying to get. Uninstalling it.
Shaikh Tasir review Shaikh Tasir
Is good camera i love this.. Is a good shallow effect and any effect. I m was using shallow effect this a very best effect in this powercam and other is its a ☺ that's good. I want to say you install powercam it is a best camera in the world, it's a good plz install this camera. And you also comment and like. My friend's also using powercam it is a best for people or boys/girls.. (hum to full macha rahe hai aap bhi macaao..)
Wayne Parr review Wayne Parr
Another camera app.... This one does things a little different. New features not found on others are refreshing. Thank you Devs.
A Google user review A Google user
Many times we need to provide various type of ID photos, group-photos, trip-type landscapes according to demands of the families-members, relatives, office-workers etc. This app has a high quality collection of filters, grids with image-modifying editing tools for different types of occasions.
Ez Wil review Ez Wil
The app kept crashing each time I pushed an icon. Galaxy S4 user
Shaik Rizwan review Shaik Rizwan
This app is very very lazy to open immediately and take very long time to save the pics and reopen again. Waste app
Patrick P Smyth review Patrick P Smyth
Took a picture but instead of saving the image the edit menu appeared. One picture and the edit menu pops up..... Crazy!!
Anil Chaudhary review Anil Chaudhary
please tell how to get back the photos if by mistake i uninstalled the app for few minutes please i have lost all my pictures from the app please do the needfull
jenah johnjj review jenah johnjj
If I edit d pics,d pic is getting as blank image n saving as blank image