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This Word Search game (also known as Word Find, Word Seek or Word Sleuth) has more than 22000 puzzles distributed in 37 languages, 3 sizes and 3 difficulties!

- EASY: search horizontally, vertically and diagonally
- MEDIUM: same as easy and also search backwards
- HARD: same as medium and you have just a clue about the word (only available on some languages)

- focused on a smooth gameplay
- 14 achievements from google play games
- leaderboard from google play games
- realtime online multiplayer matches
- option to receive a hint about a word location
- option to solve the entire puzzle
- grid lines for better visualization

- challenge a friend
- challenge a random player

Word Search APK reviews

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john tag review john tag
Fun game
Great to pass the time and work your mind.
Saint Thomas review Saint Thomas
Fun game instant classic !!
kelsey nicole review kelsey nicole
I can
Sit and play this game for a bit. It marks the words for me and had timer just wish it had a pause button
sylvia Perez review sylvia Perez
Word search
Good way to pass the time by
Juanita Johnson review Juanita Johnson
Word Scratch
I looooove it.... Well done....
Mark Murch review Mark Murch
Great time waster and a mental workout
khairul Azman review khairul Azman
Its a good game for all the word search lovers!!
Auzaya Alexander review Auzaya Alexander
I love this very simple game but I'm deleting it any way
Misty Brazier review Misty Brazier
Good game
Clock is always running
Cynthia Klipp review Cynthia Klipp
Mind exercise
A good way to exercise your mind and kill some time
Gary Eilyuk review Gary Eilyuk
Word find
Love this game very addictive
Sydney Barker review Sydney Barker
I really love this game! Totally worth downloading
Leah Rinkowski review Leah Rinkowski
Word Search
Great word search! I've always loved doing word searches, keeps my vocabulary up!
brian camp review brian camp
Great game for late at night! Keeps the brain going
Glee Brown review Glee Brown
Great Fun brings me back to childhood days.