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Lisa Monteroso review Lisa Monteroso
I even have to ask my bf to help
Not too difficult. Takes up hours of my time
Erica Latigo review Erica Latigo
It starts out fairly easy and gets more challenging as you advance in levels. The thing is, it's just hard enough to keep you engaged. Good way to pass the time if you have time to pass!
Jaylon Taylor review Jaylon Taylor
This is a fun challenging game that allows you to spell out words known and unknown. It starts off simple but gets more and more difficult as you continue to go threw it.
Nicole Osborn review Nicole Osborn
Concept is good and enjoyed playing until I got to a level where there's no possible way to get both words because the letters of one word aren't near each other in a way to be picked in the correct order, whether I do the other word first or not. Used all my hints to try to get past the level but it won't move on until you get the words even with the hints having them filled in. Uninstalling.
Marla Baldinelli review Marla Baldinelli
Ok. Would like to start over. Trying a different game that is similar but solution words have a relationship, so doesn't feel as impossible to figure out.
Angela Groff review Angela Groff
Definitely keeps you thinking!
Just came across this in the play store recently and I'm in love! There are some easy levels and some more challenging, helps to pass the time.
Sarita12385 review Sarita12385
Large bug needs fixed...
For me about 40% of the time after solving 1 of the 2+ words needed to be solved, the reamining letters won't scootch together therefore making it impossible to slide over the letters and solving it. Had to delete the app after getting too frustrated. Very fun though with the puzzles that work.
Andrew Miller review Andrew Miller
Quick paced and thought provoking this game is a wonderful way to waste some free time, but be careful it can grab hold of you.
Belinda Ma review Belinda Ma
Fun and satisfying
Great program but in some puzzles there are too many combinations which makes it confusing. Really fun game though, hours of enjoyment in store...
Ashley Garner review Ashley Garner
Passes time, makes you think!
Love this game, I am addicted to figuring out the puzzles. Only downside is I got a new phone, lost over 200 hints I paid for and I've had to start over again. But none the less, I still love the game!
Jackie Capps review Jackie Capps
Not always correct
Sometimes you know what the only possible word is bit the tiles aren't laid out correctly. I hit the option to rearrange the tiles but the order never changes. I then have to use up all my hints to get past that level. Frustrating
Kt McCann review Kt McCann
Outstanding game
This game is challenging because you have to come up with the right words on your own. The farther you go, the harder it is. Enjoy!
Kerin Gleason review Kerin Gleason
No incentive
It does make you think of a lot of word options so you get a good workout. It seems though, that you get the same score whether you solve it quickly or not and whether you use a few tries or a lot so I quickly tired from it. For that it just gets 3 stars.
Brittany Taylor review Brittany Taylor
The only thing I didn't like was they have two different words that don't go together. It makes it a little harder but would make more sense if they went together.
Patricia Bullock review Patricia Bullock
This game is fun and challenging. Even when I'm sure the game must have a glitch because I've thought of every word, I use my hints and there is one more word I've not thought of. I love it and love the challenge.