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Mark Kombol review Mark Kombol
Very nice and very fun.
Tony Paul review Tony Paul
Fun to play
Joe Loss review Joe Loss
App was working fine and then all of a sudden I can't connect to Facebook at all, even after reinstalling. Please help!
bobby bungabong review bobby bungabong
Nice game
Peter Ekola review Peter Ekola
A lot of people saying it's rigged. I think they just don't know how poker works. I have played ed for quite a few hours now and have had a great time. Very good game play. Edit- been playing over a week. Would downgrade my rating because thirds game is so freakin addicting! Great poker simulation. Realistic odds. Not going to downgrade my rating, might habe to check into poker rehab. This game is awesome
Ahmed Mohamed review Ahmed Mohamed
So bad because it wants anyone has no enough chips to lose and i'm not playing it like before.. I really feel bored with it
Reggie Bullock review Reggie Bullock
It's a great poker app with one exception; players if you're logged in through Facebook, I highly suggest you don't forget your Facebook password. Otherwise, you will loose your entire WSOP status that you've worked hard to establish whenever WSOP askes you to log in with Facebook or guest.
Glen William Brady review Glen William Brady
Taught me a lot about different types of player and playing against quality players an numerous players, ironed out a lot of rookie mistakes here excellent service.
Jobe R review Jobe R
I still love the game of poker and this app but it concerns me when you have run of solids winning (you think)hands but you seem to get beat on all of them hmmm?? Let's face it I run a business as well and we all need to make $$$ But that said still a well organized app ?
derrick robertson review derrick robertson
Best live poker game there is. 5 more seconds on Normal Speed would be the only thing I would change. Great job
Darryl Williams review Darryl Williams
Monica seems to deal favorably towards beginner's. She deals me the best hand and it never wins less than thirty percent of the time. Even playing safe she deals the winning hand by fifth street to the worst hand. 5 handed tournaments are a waste.
James Gossett review James Gossett
WSOP is The Best free poker app available. It's fun and realistic. I killed my iPhone and got android because it was cheaper, it makes the app bigger so I don't need reading glasses now to play. The WSOP Customer Service is Outstanding !!! They understood my problems and swapped my Hard Earned Winnings quickly and easily, nothing for me to do but Play, without having to start over. Thank You All. I Highly Recommend This App. Only thing better would be if I could Cash Out my 165 million chips. LOL
Stephen Ryland review Stephen Ryland
Triple AA plus Very social and fun game. Also user-friendly and easy to play.. good way to learn how to play .... see you around at the tables..
larry deschenes review larry deschenes
So far so good no problems but just da signal goes down even when I have full strength on my wifi something to look into other then good game
Gary Kuester review Gary Kuester
This game is robbery no matter what you do!!!
I've been playing this for over 5 years its addictive, the tournaments they schedule are awesome except you'll never have the win. I've won and lost billions here in one hand most hands just see flop and fold. Most the time just fold unless you know you have no way to be beaten!!! Pokerist poker is waaaay better poker app to play try it you will see the money stack up!

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