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Go back in time to the 20th century, and be prepared to take on your enemies on the high seas, by commanding your naval vessel and destroying your opponent’s ships.

World Warships Combat is a battleship shooting game with several types of military ships fulfilling different roles.

The game provides players with a huge naval fleet and grants an opportunity to take command of legendary vessels and fight for domination on the high seas. Each machine has its unique realistic combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance

The naval action game has several features to keep you entertained, including a straightforward and clear game interface, as well as easy-to-maneuver game controls.

Your mission is to take charge of a fleet of powerful and varied naval ships, taking to the rough seas to seek out and destroy your enemies in intense and bloody battles.

Enjoy it!


- Varied and powerful weapons could be used in any situation!
-Cutting edge 3D graphic!
-battleships in real history!
-Beautiful environments!
-Smooth and simple ship control system!
-Easy to learn hard to master!
-Exciting VFX effect!

We will update and improve this game constantly.
Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the combat experience.

World Warships Combat APK reviews

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angpetru review angpetru
Fun but could be great
Good game with some problems: 1)misses DO hit planes but very infrequently so very little defense against planes. Maybe should make chance to hit a matter of firing at the right time? 2) can get to high levels with upgrading but then how can you ever afford to play with the big ships if you spend all on upgrades? 3) as some else said replaying a mission or killing a lot of high level ships give the same price as standing still and letting yourself get killed. This ties into problem #2.
charles kelvie Suiza review charles kelvie Suiza
Some things are missing
First of, the game needs more ships. Not just WWII ships but also from WWI era. Also add some gifts everytime we play the game. For example, I play the game on the first day, I get a free gift. Then on the second day, I get a free upgrade and so on.
Matt Seese review Matt Seese
Fun until you can't upgrade anymore
Nice graphics and fun game play, but you don't get rewards based on anything but playing a level. If you lose, you get the same if you get all but 1, or only one, killed. Makes it impossible to get the needed cash to upgrade.
derrick okettayot review derrick okettayot
This game didn't really get me in nerve-I don't remember seein the HP of the 1st ship I used so it seemed to me there were no difficulties. The controls just so much stress, more so the ship didn't appear to be moving, it's rotation and camera view were a slap in the face, the first 25 missions:each didn't take me minutes. Almost everything else was horrible and so l quit and uninstalled the game, NEVER to play 3+ rated games again
Bennett Crozier review Bennett Crozier
A very easy game to play!
And, the important part is that it is fun! Not the best graphics, but it does get that adrenaline going!
Raymond Ayres review Raymond Ayres
Work on it
Originally thought it was a good game. I then reached the second boss on stage 3 and poof, all of a sudden the enemy managed to get auto aim and my ship got its guns replaced with peashooters. The mission right before it I completed without taking ANY hits, but exponential difficulty could not be stopped.
Christian Kope review Christian Kope
Needs work
Scoreing after game is beaten sucks. Had game 5 months and still no multiplayer. Give us an opportunity to earn credits .
Rick Edwards review Rick Edwards
In the beginning the game is great but when you get to later stages the cost of the upgrades are ridiculous, you go on a mission you're against 14 battleships against one you sink 8 and all you get is 450 points if you just stand there and get destroyed you get 450 points its a no win scenario in the later stages, the cost to go to a larger ship is phenomenal the game needs to be rewrote , an improvement would be to sell your old ships , designers of this game need to go back to the drawing board
Jay Money review Jay Money
Great game
I love how it is a challenge wish u had more stages wat I dont like is how I am on stage 6 with the Texas fully ugraded and no money to get my next ship I think if when you lost u gained extra money for every ship sunk it would be better or even make the upgrades and ships cheeper I mean really 300000 for one ship and u have to save 500 at a time I will delet if issue not resolved
Mickey Murphy review Mickey Murphy
Awsome game
Good game but after awhile theres too many ships theres 12 ships including a boss and 3 planes and need to be able to sell ships back to upgrade because I cant beat the level
Bob McElrath review Bob McElrath
Controls are terrible
In this game a battleship can do a 180 in under a second, and does so when you don't want it to. Neither realistic nor fun. You need to work on getting better controls.
Jesus Lucero review Jesus Lucero
Its ok
The air planes are hard af to destroy like tf I used. To play other battlewarship games and id mow down air planes like planes can dive under water and also missles game ok but needs some flaws taken care of. Jl off peace bitches
Timothy S review Timothy S
Fun game, but...
Can you guys (the creators) fix the bug that happens every time the second plane squad comes off of the ship? My missiles act like they can't touch them and it gets really annoying. Other than that, it's a good game.
Al Jerroue Patricio review Al Jerroue Patricio
This game is good, but needs some work
The gameplay is good, there is a small bug.... that bug is when enemy planes come near... rockets can't kill them anymore
Harold Voss review Harold Voss
Economy sucks
Fun to toy around with, but by the time you reach the third ship no matter how well you do, the economy sucks, and you are forced to fight superior ships with junk. Fixing the economy this game would get a 5 star rating from me.