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Rachel Duffield review Rachel Duffield
World craft
I like this game but everybody likes reporting people for doing nothing so you need to delete report abuse no one use the report for a good reason. I want to play this game but all I get is ads after ads. Please fix all of it. Then I will do a higher rating.
Levi Feilx review Levi Feilx
⚠New Updates Please⚠
When I try to open the inventory in creative mode, you need some redstone stuff and some, buttons and levers and pressure plate. Please, let you see make a update 2, do a multiplayer Survival and creative mode. And let the stuff machines be added in the update. Please. Make a new update
Itz Beth MSP: review Itz Beth MSP:
Not Bad
Its a really good game and all, but for some reason I dont feel the same with this game as I do with exploration. Its a lovley gsme tho, and I'm sure, given time, that I will grow to love it :) I find exploration a lot easier to control to be honest! Just need improvements: Different shaped blocks and more homely things like a cooker, bedside table/lamp, food, chairs, tables or cars, that sort if stuff, and move the adds. Otherwise brilliant. . I play on Creative
Sarah Muir review Sarah Muir
awesome so so fun online ???
its an amazing game and plus u can go online i would download this if i were u ❤???? PS: you will see why i put love hearts ? I ? ?craft
Ashley Abdeltawab review Ashley Abdeltawab
Can we design our own skin,like click a gender then leaves choices of hair and clothes pls no money though
Jennifer Johnson review Jennifer Johnson
Missing things
Please add dye to dye leather armor,different dyed wool,different dyed carpets,when we spawn make us spawn with a map,a bed,and a bonus chest with helpful things,villages with a chest in a house with helpful things, add villagers,easier way for wheat,change pumpkin monster,skins,and make it better. Hope you do this people will like it better.
Joshua Hunter review Joshua Hunter
A mess
Okay to be honest you did a good job with the animation. Very much like minecraft. However i wouldnt have downloaded at all if i had known about the perpetual and horribly misplaced ads. I mean who wants to look at a banner for viagra or whatever it was while im playing or trying to play thos game. It was a mess. Sorry. Fix it. Please.
joel tinkler review joel tinkler
It's good
It's good but not the best I wish they added more but I do recommend it
Raining Diamonds review Raining Diamonds
Hey guys
My name is ejay but on next Wednesday I'm going to be a Minecraft gamer called RAININGDIAMONDS so please watch my videos and subscribe and I'm only 11 oh I forgot please put a good like if you dantdm I also I reply to your questions
Amir Allen review Amir Allen
It's OK but it need more mobs and we need to spawn things like animals and mobs. And we need to be able to use the crafting table in creative mode and fix the bugs. In the next update.
Eden Barlow review Eden Barlow
It's fun but it tends to freeze/ glitch a lot. Plus sometimes when you try to play it just shows it loading then exits off. Fix this problem and I'll give you 5 stars.
Natalie Garcia review Natalie Garcia
I like it but, They should make so we can make our own skins instead of these crappy ones.
Ace Escabusa review Ace Escabusa
Worst after months and updates it was good but now worst!
I have a bug whenever I'm trying to change my skin and getting to multiplayer ! I'm trapped! It lags after just any single clicks! Fix this and I'll rate it back 5 stars good luck
Alfred Williams review Alfred Williams
Nearly perfect
Can you add mobs no spiders! And I wanna send friend request to people I mean I make friends then never see them again I wanna design my own skin and make designable NPC's plus I want to be able to switch my mode from creative to survival,and where you choose your world you should also be able to choose a bigger world and please put the players name in like the description of the game and finally I'm a huge dbz nerd XD so I would really enjoy being able to get effects for my worlds like charge ki blast martial arts fast flight and a skin changer so I can switch my skin from regular to ssj,ssj2,ssj3,ssj4,ssjgod,and ssjgsjj please if u add all of this I hope you become the riches man on earth from this app
Wendy Stombaugh review Wendy Stombaugh
Need cool stuff but good
Need you to make animals and to talk to one person alone but really good and fun??????????????????