Wrestling Revolution APK reviews

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Khanani Kubayi review Khanani Kubayi
I can't trust ur games any more
Because every time I win a match it goes through the pages by itself and when a person asked me a question it make its own decision so I think it's hacked
Oliver Dixon review Oliver Dixon
Things seem necessary
It seems that it is impossible without the pro license. I tried to ask for a salary, but they said that only pro wrestlers can have a weekly salary. Help!
Fawad Naseer review Fawad Naseer
This game is not more than shit
Stop making these types of games, it has crashed a 100 times
Eddy Rangel review Eddy Rangel
Plz fix
This game would be 5 stars but the dam adds .pluse it sometimes laggs and you need to fix the bugs . thanks
Alex Lewis review Alex Lewis
Used to work
Boots me out in the middle of the game. Used to work decently exept for it frezzing up in the advertisments. Now i cant play the game for 2 seconds without being booted out.
Toluwanimoje Afolabi review Toluwanimoje Afolabi
One problem
I'm in all American wrestling and the spear move is banned and I want to remove it from my moves but it won't allow and every time I use spear they give me a fine and pull out my next week's show Please fix it Though the game is awesome and deserves 5 stars
Linda McWilliams review Linda McWilliams
Cool but glitchy
I REALLY like the game but it keeps taking me back to the home screen i will give you another star if you fix this.
JOE review JOE
Good Game But...
Good game but the game would be even better if there were only two brands like raw and smackdown and that there was a world tjtle, inter tjtle, tag titles and us title shared between the brands also i want a story mode and realistic story lines... If you do this then i will give 5 star. PLZ MAKE THESE CHANGES
Daniel H. review Daniel H.
I can't buy a pro-license.
It just exits back to the main menu after saying "Processing, please wait". Fixed by force closing and restarting. Realized I played too much to not support you.
Isaiah Stephenson review Isaiah Stephenson
Crashes constantly
It will let me have one or two good matches but then it cuts off in the middle of the match and goes to my home screen then i have to redo the match and if i want to do something extra like referee a match or do a Extra match or accompany someone to the ring it immediately crashes
Antwain Howard review Antwain Howard
Best game every???
This game is the best every, them other WWE lame asf omm!!! I give this game five stars cause it amazing.soo who ever made this game need a ? up omm in make a now city one where you can get a job in make money in if you get in to fight at work you get fired from your job that would be a good game????
Yoel Thomas review Yoel Thomas
Best game out there for action
This Game Is super addictive I couldn't stop playing it for quite sometimes it's really fun, Only thing is we need more games like this!!!! Great Game By The Way!!
Mark Silvers review Mark Silvers
Wrestling Greatness
This game is simply awesome, never ever gets boring
Ali Hussain review Ali Hussain
Recommended 100 percent playing it for 9 years never gets boring
Maqbool Hussain review Maqbool Hussain
Dowwn ....load... It... For .....free..:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
A very good game and i am mdickie uset i downloade all mdickie games hard time in prison ,school days ,wrestling revovolerution3D,and this ..no problem with this and mdickie also download and enjoy