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Writing Japanese Alphabets - Hiragana Script

2.1.33 · kindergarten

Teach preschool kids to write the Japanese alphabets by tracing them with finger

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Version 2.1.33
Developer kindergarten
Category Apps, Education
ID com.kindergarten.WriteABC_Ja
Requirements 4.2 and up

Writing Japanese Alphabets - Hiragana Script 2.1.33 APK description

Japanese Alphabet is created as an interesting alternative to traditional, non-inspirational methods to learn how to write alphabet. When you go to preschool, it's important that your child can learn and write the alphabet accurately - our innovative and educational application will teach them how to do it exactly.

By bright colors and interactive elements, "Writing Japanese Hiragana Script" helps keep your child curious and eager to learn. Our application will help prepare your child for his / her education or education from the age of 4-6 years. The app teaches your child to track the characters with his fingers properly - a skill they can transfer to a pencil or pencil when the time comes for it. With the attachment of pictures and the ability to choose colors to draw them, the Japanese alphabet for children ensures that you keep your child idle from the first day until the time when he no longer needs this application and knows how to write all the Japanese alphabet. The alphabet tracking is divided into several easy steps, accompanied by bright colored arrows, our green and red circles, and the unique and large to mark at places where you start and stop tracking characters.

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Writing Japanese Alphabets - Hiragana Script latest version

Interactive elements are the primary part of the Japanese alphabet for children. The app will display them animated for a short time to encourage them to make further progress. In addition, you will show a nice kitten, and you also encourage them. The uppercase letters and game-shaped elements make "Typing Japanese Alphabets - Hiragana Script" the perfect application for teaching children to use letters as quickly as they can.

- Alphabets can appear in full screen size.
- Ensure proper tracking.
- Professional sound performance.
- A helping kitten was created exclusively.
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