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Battle it out for ring domination in the card battle game that has thrilled over 11 million players worldwide! Lace up your boots, loosen your fingers and download WWE SuperCard, the toughest, in-your-face, hardcore multiplayer card battle game ever!

Pit WWE champions against each other in real-time PVP battles – serve up a smack-down in WWE SuperCard Season 3, the biggest, baddest card battle app update yet!

1. Battle with over 150 WWE superstars in this multiplayer card battle game
2. WWE SuperCard Season 3 offers intense, real-time battles against players around the world

Use your best card deck to fight against live opponents and their WWE champions for supremacy in this hardcore WWE card battle app with all new Season 3 features!


Put together your best deck of WWE champions and face live opponents from around the world for the top slot in real time battles; top the new monthly leaderboard for ranking and rewards in your favorite card battle game.

Send your best 15 cards to face off in Royal Rumble, a brand new, real-time battle to be the last card standing.

Access three new card tiers, with over 100 new cards to collect and battle.

Use both Active and Legacy cards to compete against opponents and gain more cards for your deck.

Retain Season 1 cards through their transition to Legacy cards in Season 3, with the cards available for play in the game’s new Wild Mode feature.

Money in the Bank, Ring Domination, People’s Champion Challenge, King of the Ring, and Road to Glory are all carrying over to S3. And, yes, your S2 cards will be playable across all modes, including Ranked, Wild, and Royal Rumble in this epic WWE game.

Don’t let others give you the smackdown, download the WWE SuperCard app for the baddest, multiplayer card battle experience. Step into the ring and let the wrestling action begin!

Contact us and invite your friends to battle you:
● Website: www.wwesupercardgame.com
● Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialwwesupercard
● Twitter: twitter.com/wwesupercard

***Update requires OS 4.0.3+ WILL NOT RUN ON ANY EARLIER OS***

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WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game APK reviews

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kyle meadors review kyle meadors
I enjoy this game, but
I have two major problems with the game - 1. I decided to buy the double pickers for the last event. I assumed that the warnings of the pickers being lost after the event meant ones earned during picking, I was wrong. I was unable to progress in the event, so I wanted to save the pickers for future events. A new one started and I have nothing...this amounts to stealing my money...your matching systems seems unfair (my 2nd issues), which basically forced me to do nothing with the pickers. Unable to continue.
John Mitchell review John Mitchell
I love this app, played it since it started. In the last Month I havent Been able to log into my google acct. to play, but am able to get my facebook acct. Dont understand, Why?
Steven Smith review Steven Smith
I liked this game a great deal until it recently started kicking me out during matches causing me to lose bouts amongst missing out on cards. No reason to play now.
thegame198324 review thegame198324
Love the game but far too many speed boosts or charisma boosts rather than the actual superstars... But as I type this I realise it's pointless as you don't listen to your customers and won't do anything about this.... PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!
Angelo Babaran review Angelo Babaran
It's going downhill again
First off, I take back what I said because every +5 match that I play there is no point if I lose and second it seems that the droprate of getting a card related to my tier is not high. Improve and maybe you can get 3 or 4 stars
Shaun Cochran review Shaun Cochran
The drop rates are horrible and you end up fighting people that should be at least 2-3 tiers higher than you and every time you go to draw a card after a match it says waiting on network or boots you out of the game. If the problems are fixed I'll rate higher.
Spike Phoenix review Spike Phoenix
Incompetent scam artists
The recent update killed this game, cashdaddy have really shown their greed again. All the time, effort and money to make a great deck.....all for nothing - they scammed us up til the very end. Guess they stole enough money to make a second season viable and now they are going to try and steal even more money out of people this season, well not from me - I'm done with these scamming thieves. Cashdaddy is one the the scummiest companys around - shame on them. Player beware, they will scam all of you as well.
Josh Sivers review Josh Sivers
Fun, but annoying.
When it comes crashing down......over and over and over again, it hurts inside.
Kyle Carne review Kyle Carne
The game won't even load from the initial start point. All it says is preparing to download required assets and it never downloads anything. Please help, I would love to play this game. I know it deserves more stars but for now it's a one until fixed
ashley myers review ashley myers
Exibition needs to be faster.
I love wwe supercard. It Is fun but in season two the exibition is really slow because you can't skip through the beginning or the end lf a match, it needs to be the speed of season one. Thanks
Adam Baird review Adam Baird
Please fix it to where people can use their season 1 cards. We have worked hard to get our season 1 cards and the only time we can use them is in king of the ring and exhibition. Why not jus cross over the season 2 cards with the season 1 cards. Please fix it
Brayden B review Brayden B
New update sucks
I'm sure many other people hate the update. The update sucks and I hope they take back the update. Events really help people out and me along with many other people want only season 1.
Kev Urquhart review Kev Urquhart
Honestly why do I never pull anything decent what a joke what do I need to do do get a good deck cheat or hack the game coz only they losers get good decks come on give me something good you owe me that much
Alex Humphries review Alex Humphries
Took away my season one
Dont like season 2, didnt warn me that if I do my epic fusion chamber I wont have enough cards for season 1 wound up aint the word
Asim Zamir review Asim Zamir
The game is great but
This game need new match types like mixed tag and 6 man tag and matching more than one player