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Xperia™ Keyboard is the default keyboard for all languages (except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). You can enter text using a superior swipe input or traditional tapping. The keyboard quickly adapts to your writing style by remembering your words.

Xperia Keyboard APK reviews

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Mon Montecillo review Mon Montecillo
Option to minimize attachments button.
Hi dev team. I love the xperia keyboard. But l am using a phonepad while texting. Can you guys add an option to hide the attacments button coz l would always accidentally press it while in conversations. I am running 6.0.1 on my xperia z5 now and it would really help me when texting without me selecting the buttons accidentally. Thanks sony. :-)
Ciaran Butler review Ciaran Butler
Autocorrect has gone awful
It's changing words and predicting poorly. Also it trims words. For exampleu if I type "tonight" and add a "?" it will change it to ton? It's very inconsistent. Typing speed does seem to have any impact. I tap primarily but may sometimes make gestures, I'm not sure if there is a difference. But I think using the recommended word bar causes it to cut words, it's rather inconsistent.
Scopian Wise review Scopian Wise
Complain for annoying
You said that this keyboard has all languages(except Chinese, Korean and Japanese). But I don't see Myanmar Language ( Zawgyi) like Began keyboard. Therefore you should try to insert Zawgyi font or Myanmar Language in this keyboard. Good luck.....
Saeed Ghasemi review Saeed Ghasemi
1. Add enable/disable auto captitalize keyword after use space 2. Add Choose long press duration 3.enable/disable emojis in word suggestion 4. Suggest contacts name enable/disable 5. Spacebar vibration enable/disable 6. Keyboard size such as swiftkey keyboard
Khalid Kurairi review Khalid Kurairi
Long press for Arabic
I'm currently using another keyboard because it bothers me to press Shift every time I need to type some of the letters I use all the time. Please enable long press for Arabic.
Zuzile Hlatshwayo review Zuzile Hlatshwayo
I have now lost my entire personal dictionary and I cannot even add new words to the dictionary again. Also, the words that were ordinarily prompted by my texting patterns now do not appear anymore. And now when I type certain words and numbers, some silly and unnecessary emoticons appear as suggestions. Can you guys offer any assistance with that? What could have caused this?
Riley S review Riley S
Good but auto correct is weird
The auto correct now puts i in small letter instead of I in capital, please fix it!
Adrian Landers review Adrian Landers
Awesome love the new albeit slightly limited height adjustment
Paolo Rafael Hulog review Paolo Rafael Hulog
Good keyboard
Everything about this is good but please include landscape keyboard height and swipe controls similar to Google Keyboard
Dean Tarr review Dean Tarr
Richard Engler review Richard Engler
Wish you could add arrows, so I could back up to a letter and fix it instead of pressing my finger all over the screen trying to get to the wrong letter to fix it....its a REAL drag!!!
Monish roy review Monish roy
Still no TELUGU language, seriously?
Supports many other Indian languages but TELUGU not available.. Rated it 1 star only because of this reason..
Milad Ramezani review Milad Ramezani
Bugs fixed
Tnq u guys so much... It's working cleverly again... Nice
Khaled Muhammad Eltoukhy review Khaled Muhammad Eltoukhy
أنا في إنتظارك مَلّيت
أين مفتاح المد للغة العربية (كــــــ) ?????
Nirav Bhavsar review Nirav Bhavsar
Need Gujarati Language Added
It is good but need to add gujarati language which now a days all manufacturer supports it. Pls pls add it as font in keyboard.