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Welcome to Xperia Lounge, the entertainment app that’s packed with exclusives from the world of movies, music, sport and gaming. It’s the home of incredible giveaways, downloads, exciting Xperia™ themes, plus amazing offers and competitions with once in a lifetime prizes.

In the past year, prizes have included:

• Sony products – including the latest Xperia smartphones and accessories, PS4 consoles with the latest games and Sony 4K TVs
• VIP trips to the red carpet and other exotic locations around the world
• Pitchside UEFA Champions League™ tickets
• Limited edition music memorabilia and trips to meet artists at sold-out shows and after-parties.

Xperia Lounge is the most exciting way to discover the world of Sony. Download the app today.

Xperia Lounge APK reviews

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leon tony carvalho review leon tony carvalho
I find it very useful, unlike how some one who has no taste would say. I love the experience with my experia X device, lounge just has all you need to customise your device
Tony Smith review Tony Smith
I dont understand
why it needs Updating all the time. It seams every time I open it. It wants updating. And won't do anything until it's updated. But then when I does open most of the time it just crashes after Update.
A Google user review A Google user
Its a nice app. Well built and I always seem to find myself checking it daily, which is more than most apps on my phone.
Alan Revuelta review Alan Revuelta
This shit stucks at 25%
I stop the download and it installs. Corrupted or something like that?
A Google user review A Google user
Not relevant to my use of a Sony phone. Just mainly popular culture pap.
whytey whyte review whytey whyte
Cheers for the new update, I'm absolutely LOVING not being able to use my speakers or headphones anymore.....
David Biggins review David Biggins
An annoying source of intrusion that does large regular updates and has yet to show me anything of interest. It's primarily about advertising new wallpapers and games as a way of leading you into buying videos.
Ultra James review Ultra James
Almost everything is OK except one thing, all challenges are available but I couldn't win even a single one, not me everyone who lives in my country, and that IS a big issue.
paul notpaul review paul notpaul
Basically just promotes crappy themes for your phone and competitions that nobody ever wins! They're just trying to con you into buying more Sony stuff
Marion Blank review Marion Blank
Bloatware. And please do not BS me about rooting my device. If I did so first I'd void my warranty, second I'd lose the drm keys without a chance to restore them, third I'd lose the opportunity to sell my device to a professional reseller. So why do I have to accept uninstallable bloatware on my phone paid from my money. Get rid of it Sony!
A Google user review A Google user
Its a good app but the competitions are a bit unfair... Other than that great job on keeping us updated!
Sunday Ogunjobi review Sunday Ogunjobi
This app is just so cool, using it on my F5121 makes my phone looks so cool..
Daniel Langcay review Daniel Langcay
The app is amazing. Almost everything was good but there's just this tiny thing that makes me feel like: oh! It was just a joke, (in competitions) because there are NO announcements of winners (even though I'm not and or have expirienced winning) in the app. Esp. when sony (xperia lounge) was giving away some of their coolest, newest and stunningly amazing products. That's all, thank you ☺
Mahesh Khanna review Mahesh Khanna
Sony phones' sound still sucks, as compared to the other models, despite Sony's tall claim to have improved the sound output on Z5 Premium Dual SIM Mobile Phone before launching its sale. You aren't able to hear the videos even with the normal ceiling fan is on in the room. You're left with just options: either to switch off the ceiling fan or plug in your ear phones. This is the last Sony phone I'll have owned in my life.
A Google user review A Google user
ANOTHER BS APP THAT I CAN'T UNINSTALL! IT'S GETTING DEACTIVATED! Sick to death of getting notifications to enter competitions after I've already entered them! It's just more BS to get you to open the app! App is now getting deleted off all my Sony devices! Sony has really lost its way and has lost me as a customer!