Yahoo 新聞 - 香港即時焦點 APK

Yahoo 新聞 - 香港即時焦點
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‧ 最新加入交通快拍, 24小時全港各區路面實況
‧ 全新Yahoo TV, Live 互動傾,追蹤喜愛頻道,影片搜尋功能
‧ 每天提供多元、可靠、即時的焦點新聞及消息
‧ 清晰新聞分類: 焦點新聞、娛樂、體育、財經等

‧ 分類自訂功能, 設計屬於你的個人新聞APP
。輕輕一按, 即時在社交平台向朋友分享
‧ 自訂字型大小
‧ 提供通知分類功能設定


若您為Android 4.3(含)以下系統版本的用戶,將不再收到版本更新通知,請升級作業系統版本以獲得最佳使用經驗和新增功能。

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Yahoo 新聞 - 香港即時焦點 APK reviews

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Ja Darko review Ja Darko
Need English version, had it before
Po Fan Chui review Po Fan Chui
Don't believe all the news
The position of the reporters are questionable.
Shing Chung Suen review Shing Chung Suen
Please allow filtering of news source
Many news reader apps can let users filter (not showing) news source that they do not want to read.
Wong Harry review Wong Harry
It did its job fine, but...
I don't want to receive any celebrities's news and sports news, not even one. Can I hv a option to ture that off?
William Pang review William Pang
Great Job
This news app is really good!
Stephen Chan review Stephen Chan
Nice app. If news notification faster will give 5 stars!
Alan Tai review Alan Tai
Too annoying
1. Too many push notifications. 2. It shows updated news message close to the middle of the screen, that I cannot dismiss, unless I tap it, but then it will scroll all the way back to the top of the list, and even worse, there is no updated news. What the xxxx.
Shure Westone review Shure Westone
Yahoo 新聞越黎越垃圾!!!! 成日有廣告夾雜喺新聞中呃蝦條!!!!
joe same review joe same
Lozen LIU review Lozen LIU
on99. This is an Android app. Don't know why you call it "iPhone日日賞“
Ma C review Ma C
Not bad
I will be nice if you can have offline feature
Rio Wong review Rio Wong
Wish to automatically go back to the currently reading news once swapping tasks since it's now restarting itself. It's quite severely memory hogging that slows down the device for other usage at mean time.
Vincent Cheung review Vincent Cheung
Can't post article for unknown reason.
Will be 5 stars if widget is back.
Phil C review Phil C
nice app but ...
please allow to select bigger font size!