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The all-new Yahoo Messenger is the fastest, easiest way to chat and share lots of photos and animated GIFs instantly. Plus, now you can unsend messages—yep, you can take it all back!

More than just a messenger:
• Chat one-on-one or in groups
• Yes, take backs! Tap "Unsend" to remove photos and messages from a conversation
• Instantly share lots of videos and high-resolution photos in one go
• Swipe to view photos beautifully displayed in a carousel
• Express yourself with animated GIFs
• “Like” messages and photos in the conversation
• Offline/low connectivity mode—anything you share will be posted once you’re back online
• Optimized for use with TalkBack

Yahoo Messenger is also available for Windows/Mac at

Using the previous version of Yahoo Messenger? Go to to learn more about the new changes.

Interested in becoming a beta tester for our app? Help us test our unreleased and newest version here:

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Anwar Shaheen review Anwar Shaheen
Please yahoo developers integrate (yahoo messenger plug-in) in to (yahoo messenger) app. since you made messenger to android and it never change but android os keep changing and developed but your app never change. we need one yahoo messenger app like you made to (apple ios) and (blackberry os).
ss sar review ss sar
Really bad no support
Am using it on one plus one. Was working. Recently updated android and now not able to log in. Login n password is correct n able to log in laptop but not on my smartphone. Can you pls help asap. Very irritating n frustrating....
Jim V review Jim V
Good app gone bad. Try "ooVoo"
Always very buggy but now w Android 5.0 update "LollyPOOP" made this app totally unusable. No IM, no Voice. Nothing. I uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted 3 times. Will not work on Samsung Galaxy S5 w ATT or Verizon w updated operating system "Lollycrap". I switched to "ooVoo" w far superior voice and video. Yahoo please post a fix or workaround on Yahoo. I can't find any. Even tried Yahoo "Answer" but got NO answers.
Nilda Morano review Nilda Morano
Great apps
But it's sad, it always failed everytime i get online in this apps. It says i was failed bcoz of too many times logging in attempts though i cannot.please help me fix the problem.. thank you
Kellie Harrell review Kellie Harrell
Fix it
It worked before, cannot even sign in after last update. It won't get past a black screen. Fix it and I will change the rating. Uninstalled it. It won't work. Samsung Galaxy SIII
coolmodjo kaskus review coolmodjo kaskus
Want to see profile pics clearly
Mine too, not working. Signing keeps on failed
Kevin Faaborg review Kevin Faaborg
So buggy. Needs an update!
Previously on KitKat it mostly worked ok, but not on lollipop it is one of the worst applications. Constantly getting stuck loading the app or getting back into it. Picture transfers don't go through 85% of the time even on stable WiFi, miss alerts from messages left offline. Really needs to be brought up to 2015, not basically same app from 2007.
Samuel Birsan review Samuel Birsan
very disfunctional app
when someone call it rings infinitely even though I'm already talking. when I restart to turn ringing off it pulses vibrations until it restarts. it keeps saying unfortunately the app has closed. please fix app or take it off the store. thanks Samuel
Farbod Shams review Farbod Shams
Need to update
Its a cool messenger. But why don't you give an update for it? Design need to change and also it has to be compatible with android lollipop. I turn my wireless on and error "Messenger has been stoped working" will be appear. Need to fix it. Anyway, Thanks.
Jack B McElhaney review Jack B McElhaney
It won't sync, it won't show previous conversations if you delete and reinstall, and the opening choices after initial install as to whether you want to "sign out here", or sign out everywhere etc" don't work. Really, really a bad app and these reviews have brought about NO improvements! In the other hand it works pretty well on desktop but abysmal on Samsung Galaxy 5.
william johnston review william johnston
Something is wrong with this app, it effects all my other apps, I have another apk for it, for a while I thought it was my device, but when I did an update after having another apk, it did it again, it can't be anything else, let me know when you have fixed it, thank you..
Julie Rin review Julie Rin
Sign in failed
Cannot sign in. It automatically cut me off. Last time i uninstalled yahoo mail app because it wont allow both apps to exist on my phone now both apps is not working. V.1.8.8 is not good. I shouldn't have updated. Please fix the problem ASAP!
Mario Vidinha review Mario Vidinha
Not letting me log in. Changed account password and it's still says the log in failed. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice now and it's still not letting me in. Seeing as I use this for work I do need it.
Steve Schuette review Steve Schuette
I installed. Haven't used it yet. I get the "unfortunately messenger app has stopped working". Uses data, that's fine if it would keep working. Can't even ad location without it stop working. Frustrating glitch filled app. It's not my phone, all other apps work.
Kat C review Kat C
Ever since last week I have been unable to get any of my messages. I have to either log into my email account and use the messenger in the browser or wait until I get home whenever that is to use the messenger on my computer. The point of having the mobile messenger app is to be able to chat on the go not send a message and hope they don't respond before you get home hours later.