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Yandex Browser (beta)
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Find out first about Yandex Browser’s upcoming features by testing the new version of the program before its official release.

Please note, the beta version may be unstable and is intended for experienced users who are willing to report bugs and problems. You can send your feedback through the browser settings or to [email protected] Your messages will help us make our browser better.

If you already have the major release of Yandex Browser installed, you won’t need to delete it – the beta will work in parallel.

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Spam Bot review Spam Bot
still no forced zoom
so back to naked browser pro
Nonyank S review Nonyank S
6056 OK but
Tabs are back at the top and there is no color changes in tabs and work area, now boring and little to make it stand out from the others like before, but that's all right, goofey cat makes me smile!
Harry Whitecross review Harry Whitecross
Yandex Browser Beta
Works great, but Dr. Web bitches and moans about not supporting it! WTF, this is yandex all the way. Get this issue fixed Lev, this will get you 5★: Done deal tovarishch! Яб вас! For being yelled at in Cyrillic, just figured that an update was needed. Break out Slovar, refresh brain with Vodka, be prepared next time! Яб ты мадт! Большой почта! How many times this month are you updating?
Echelon Lens review Echelon Lens
Режим инкогнито для андроида
Пожалуйста сделайте, это главный недостаток
John Hilla review John Hilla
Favorite and Stable!
You just keep getting better. Love the energy and how quickly pages load.
abadir yuya review abadir yuya
amir rahnama review amir rahnama
Dunon Yukerolly8 review Dunon Yukerolly8
Lovely UI design ... Higher CPU usage when compared to others !!
The beta version of this browser has CPU and ram usage when compared to others. Also notice app restarts quite often in the background using a lot of battery life !! ? UI design, compression technology, and automatic encryption while on public WiFi are a big plus !! Will revert back to standard Yandex to see if there is improvement.
Valentied X_Noctorenia review Valentied X_Noctorenia
Thankyou for this upgade
Totally nailed it!
Sam Borsman review Sam Borsman
The only browser I've found that never crashes. Maybe less fully featured than other browsers, but that's a good thing... Keeps it light and fast.
Mahendra Kathirvel review Mahendra Kathirvel
Good to have one!.
Easy navigation and like the stacked tabs within the same window.
آرش دهقاني review آرش دهقاني
Kat Noel review Kat Noel
When turbo mode is on, I don't need to know every time it does something! Please just allow it to be on and work without it telling me for 5 stars!
Bismarck Hesse review Bismarck Hesse
Needs themes and customization options.
Moshe Dayan review Moshe Dayan
The best browser for android , and very safety!!!