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Yellow Battery-Battery Saver
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Yellow Battery is developed especially to optimize battery usage of android devices. It saves power, and extends standby. Moreover, it also preserves battery life, so users are not forced to replace devices for battery worn out too soon.

One tap Optimization
★Yellow Battery monitors and analyzes the power consumption of devices, giving warnings and suggestions at high power consumption points;
★One tap on screen, no more power draining tasks at the background.
★Saving power, extending battery life, boosting charging speed, protects battery from overheating.

Smart Save Mode
★Optimizing usage of modules like Wifi, Bluetooth, screen, etc;
★No more extra power consumption for unnecessary usage;
★Can be activated manually, constantly, or automatically only at certain power level;
★Can be customized by users.

Battery Status Monitor
Yellow Battery indicates everything about your battery:
★Remnant power;
★Remnant usage;
★Battery health status;
★Battery temperature;
★Battery manufacturing figures;
You name it!

Comprehensive usage analysis
★Yellow Battery tracks and shows power consumption of every single app and task;
★Users are aware of detailed power consumption;
★Indicating remnant time of operating every single function (calling, watching videos, playing games, browsing online, etc) with remnant power.

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Yellow Battery-Battery Saver APK reviews

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Ridoy Khan review Ridoy Khan
How can it work...?
I think it don't work.. Like it has no useful to show me...
Staines Schwartz review Staines Schwartz
Fixed lag issue
Phone started lagging after a year of using it , but after installing this I'm getting smooth performance just like before!
Daniel Cui review Daniel Cui
This app solved my charging issue with my outdated yr old cell phone
This app solved my charging issue with my yr old cell phone and it helps me save my charge by closing all unessecary apps that stay open in the background.
Ammar Afridi review Ammar Afridi
True or lie
This is great but it do work are u loeing or truth
Reetam Chakraborty review Reetam Chakraborty
OK-ish App
Just an OK app, becomes junk like other such apps available in Playstore
Praveen M review Praveen M
Not good
Dont use it will affect u r phone
Surender Pal Singh review Surender Pal Singh
Reg.Anti Virous
Abu Asiya review Abu Asiya
Nice Application
I cherish it soooooo much
Benedict Lawrence review Benedict Lawrence
Its a good app i will recomend it to all you phone users out there its realy good best i' ve seen for a lonv time...
Laban Kibiriti review Laban Kibiriti
Its mostly nice!
Excellent perfect job ,I can now save more power than ever befor
John Nowicki review John Nowicki
Does a very good job for me
Was out in union county w/Family and Great Grandson at the train museum. When I left home I had forgotten to change ph. It was at 75% at thus time. Spent the better of 4hrs at museum taking many pictures as well as video's with ph. By the time we left the charge was at 40%. I believe that this application had a whole lot to do with my battery lasting as long as it did....I was shocked....but very satisfied with the out come.
james daly review james daly
A very good app I like it
I don't know this
Raul Crespo review Raul Crespo
Not hated it. My first time it test day until 5 days.