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do daily yoga workouts & exercise for weight loss with yoga app for beginners.

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Version 1.43
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Yoga: Workout, Weight Loss app 1.43 APK description

The Beginners Yoga & Exercise app for women to burn fat at Home. Here we have daily extreme yoga workouts & home fitness for weight loss plans for you in this free weight loss app for women which helps you to get flexibility and burn belly fat. With this free yoga app do yoga meditation with music and more guided yoga tips to lose weight. Yoga for beginners app has free fitness ideas for men and women. In which we have basic yoga poses like face yoga & hatha yoga. In this free workout app for women we will have maximum levels of yoga for you .This free fitness apps for women helps you to do daily yoga poses and achieve your weight loss goal.

If you're a beginner, join the yoga challenges and see the result. Daily yoga poses have free weight loss exercises and are configured with different home workouts for both men and women.

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Yoga: Workout, Weight Loss app latest version

Personal yoga classes at home:
Short on time to do yoga workout? Daily yoga offers different yoga challenges according to your fitness goals for weight loss. We have provided yoga classes and guided yoga videos to learn at home.

Workout and Meditation
Our Yoga meditation and free exercise app for women have more benefits for you. Specially designed meditation classes to find inner peace. With this free yoga app you will be helped to burn your fat & lose weight starting with 10 daily yoga poses.

Special features of free health and fitness apps for women
* 30 days fitness challenge
* Burn fat at home to do daily exercise tips
* Yoga for stretching for flexibility
* This free workout app boost your energy quickly
* Exercise app for Yoga Meditation with music
* Yoga asanas to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach
* Hatha extreme yoga workouts for fitness & strength
* Vinyasa Yoga to enhance Core Stability
* Yin yoga for the neck & shoulders.

This free weight loss & workout app for women not only helps to lose weight, release your stress with the 10 mins meditation class but also helps to lose fat to get a flat stomach and abs. You will work out with hard yoga poses.

Yoga flexibility for beginners in this free yoga app
The Exercise Apps for women free give you a personal coach and daily tips for beginners. Daily Yoga provides different courses & yoga asanas for weight loss. In this Free yoga workouts app you will get different ideas which help you to make flexibility at home.

Face yoga
Face yoga involves free facial exercises, massages, and stretches to get a natural look and fresh skin glow. Face Yoga is a non-invasive practice focusing on exercising the 57 muscles in your face and neck for up to 15 minutes a day.

Office and Chair yoga
A Good office and chair yoga have shoulder rolls, open chest stretch and neck stretch. In this free fitness apps for women you can customize office yoga poses based on your level.

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga
With this Exercise App for women free to improve your physical & home fitness for weight loss with hatha yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. With this free yoga app do extreme yoga workouts, which will help you to move your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility and Vinyasa yoga is all about rhythmic movements timed to the breath.

So Download this free workout app for women, do daily yoga for beginners to lose weight and burn your belly fat and improve your fitness level with this free weight loss app for women.
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