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YouVOXX Voicemail, Call Blocker
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Upgrade your AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint voicemail to a breakthrough Social Voicemail app that includes our exclusive Call Queller - Call Blocking technology!
Take back control of your phone – Call Block Telemarketers and stop them cold!

Compatible with AT&T, Verizon & Sprint. T-Mobile postpaid monthly plans also supported.
Experience next-gen Social Voicemail service with super-cool features you’ll love like:

• Call Queller - Call Blocking. Super-advanced caller blocking technology is included in every voicemail plan. Call Queller spam fighting algorithms block calls by predicting common robocaller tricks to block calls. No more voicemail spam. Block calls & block voicemail even when the robocaller spoofs the Caller ID to make it look like their telemarketing robocall is coming from your city! View calls blocked to tune your call blocking profile

• Voicemail Transcription. Never call voicemail again. Use voicemail to text to read your voicemails. Reading a voicemail to text voicemail transcription is faster than listening

• FREE TRIAL. All voicemail plans offer a 30-Day FREE TRIAL and include unlimited calls blocked with our Call Queller Caller Blocker. Cancel anytime

• Choose Basic or Premium. After your free trial, pay-as-you-go with our Basic plan - Unlimited Calls Blocked & no monthly fee. Pay only for the voice mail you use! Premium offers unlimited voicemails, unlimited calls blocked and many extra features for a low monthly fee

• No More Voicemail Spam. 2X More Effective than other caller blockers! Call Queller call blocked calls are sent to perpetual ringing instead of to voice mail like other caller blockers. No more voicemail spam! Call Block them instead

• Call Block Blacklist & Whitelist Control. Easy blacklist & whitelist controls to fine-tune the call blocking technology. Whitelist calls blocked in error. Review blocked calls then blacklist or caller block them to block calls one at a time. Even blacklist / call block a range of numbers to call block. Caller block calls without bloating your contact list like other caller blockers

• Custom Voicemail Greetings. Record a custom voicemail greeting for some, another voicemail greeting for others. Record Temporary voicemail greetings or upload a voicemail greeting file

• Lifetime Voicemail. Keep your voicemails, caller blocking settings and caller block history when you change phones or carriers

YouVOXX Social Voicemail with Call Block is better than visual voicemail. It’s a new kind of voicemail service with Call Blocking blacklist / caller block to completely block telemarketers (no more voicemail spam when you call voicemail). Once you access voicemail with our Social Voicemail app, old-fashioned visual voicemail just won’t cut it!

• Caller Block ALLOWS calls from people in your contacts. Caller Blocking block calls can go straight-to-voice mail or send Call blocked calls to ringing. Unlike other caller blocker apps, our call blocked calls don’t tell the call blocked robocaller that your number is live, so they won’t robocall again you just to be call blocked

• Check Voicemail on Facebook Messenger. Don’t call voicemail or use old-school visual voicemail - just check voice mail on Messenger

• Voicemail Transcription Included. Built-in voicemail to text transcribes your voicemail to text. Don’t call voicemail, read visual voicemail transcriptions! The best way to access voicemail is to transcribe voicemail to text so you can read your voicemail transcription. Never call voicemail again

• Temporary Voicemail Greetings. These voicemail greetings expire and return to your previous voicemail greeting automatically. Set expirations for Temporary Voicemail Greeting

• YouVOXX Social Voicemail app replaces carrier visual voicemail service

• Unanswered calls forward voice mail to our Social Voicemail app. Caller Blocking call blocked calls just hear ringing. No more voicemail spam

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Sonam Jain review Sonam Jain
Best voicemail app...Love VOZZEE messages
Hira jha review Hira jha
I never received an OTP so that I can get access to this app, I have tried 4 number and tried this app on 3 cell phones but never received an OTP on any numbers. HATE THIS
Kelsey Burke review Kelsey Burke
I'm ready to go back to my original voicemail and cannot figure out how to get Voxx to stop forwarding my voicemails to their app instead of my phone
deepak kakade review deepak kakade
Awesome messaging and voicemail most likely ephemeral messages try it.
Alisha B review Alisha B
Awasome app with messaging, voicemails and other interesting features..
Jeff Ramsey review Jeff Ramsey
This is by far the best social vm app. Excellent features. Awesome!
David King review David King
Now I understand what social voicemail means - and I like! Great voicemail app!!
Suraj Yewlekar review Suraj Yewlekar
Perfect app for Voicemail
Shanan Byous review Shanan Byous
150 free voicemails to try it out - can't hurt. So far so good. Cost after the 150 seems right
Definitely an upgrade over my old voicemail app. Clever way to reply to people who leave you messages. So far I'm impressed!
Good voicemail transcriptions. I like the pay as you go plan. It fits my budget better than paying a monthly fee.
Awesome voicemail app
James Durham review James Durham
Keep asking for money thought had a free part. So had to give it a one star.
Jennifer Castaldo review Jennifer Castaldo
When trying to install, I can't seem to get a verification code, either automatically or via sms. I tried to use the Contact us, that didn't work, then tried to send an email to support and THAT got returned as undeliverable. Are you still in business?
A Google user review A Google user
Definitely an upgrade over my old voicemail app. Clever way to reply to people who leave you messages. So far I'm impressed!