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ZEDGE™ gives you the best background wallpapers and cool ringtones for free!
Personalize your phone with a HD wallpaper, live wallpaper, alarm sound or ringtone with ease. ZEDGE™ offers an extensive catalog with millions of free backgrounds, live wallpapers, stickers, ringtones, alarm sounds & notification sounds for your Android phone. Search for Anything - It’s on ZEDGE™

Join the over 300 million people 🙌 who already installed this highly popular personalization app.

• No need to look for more wallpaper apps. An endless selection of free backgrounds supporting the most common screen sizes.
• Supports full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper to use as backgrounds.
• Fancy a black phone wallpaper, or maybe a girly wallpaper? You’ve got it!
• Option to apply lock screen wallpapers, home screen wallpapers, or both at the same time.
• Option to auto select a new background that rotates at selected intervals.
• Customize your background with cool filters and stickers.

Live Wallpapers
• Imagine having cool video effects as background on your home screen. You’ve got it!
• Our live wallpapers don’t drain your battery - only plays once when turning on your home screen.
• No need to install additional new live wallpapers - it’s embedded in the app.
• Extensive catalog of quality live wallpapers for all tastes.

No need to look for more ringtone apps. An endless selection of free ringtones including music, effects and funny tones. Probably the largest selection of free ringtones in the world.
• Option to set individual contact ringtones, alarm sounds and default ringtone. Apply a cool ringtone for your mum or sister.

Alarm & Notification sounds
• Massive selection of notification sounds, alert tones and funny tones.
• Option to set an alert and alarm sound.

• Add stickers to a wallpaper and create your own personal background.
• Set as wallpaper or share in messaging app and social media.
• Turn a wallpaper into a cool meme!

Favorite and Save
• Add a sound or wall paper to favorites without downloading.
• Access your ringtones and backgrounds across all your devices with one simple login.
• Receive notifications on limited edition holiday wallpapers and ringtones for occasions and holidays like Valentines Day, Fathers day, Mothers Day, New Years, Halloween and Christmas plus cool customizations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

App permission notice
Contacts: Optional if you want to set individual ringtones to contacts in your address book.
Photos/Media/Files: Needed to allow you to save and use a custom wallpaper, ringtone or notification sound.
Storage: Needed to display or use the currently set background, ringtone or notification sound.
System settings: Optional if you want to apply a ringtone as the default phone ringtone.
Location: Optional if you want personalized recommendations based on your location.

Our promise
We do not import or use any personal information or files in your media library, storage or contact list.

We love ringtones, we love wallpapers - and we love diversity!

ZEDGE™ - Everything You

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ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones APK reviews

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نور السلام review نور السلام
Great app
Very good app so thanks to the developers
Tony C review Tony C
Use Wallpapers HD (4K, QHD images). It's a WAY BETTER app!! Zedge has Aggressive ads that Don't allow use of app! This app was amazing back in 2010-2011. But the ads are out of control now. You can't even use the app because ads keep interrupting. Just when you click away one ad, then a video commercial ad pops up! You won't even be able to use it or enjoy it! This app gets 5 Stars for Horrible user experience!
Jeanna Sanders review Jeanna Sanders
The only thing I don't like...
...it's addicting
Hassnain Haider review Hassnain Haider
I Love it But here's a suggestion
Let us open this app in pop ups...Talking about Note Series ☺ Everything else is perfect...Superb...Amazing ?
Aaron Armstrong review Aaron Armstrong
This app needs to be actually changed during an update. The past 4 updates has had no changes.
Jason Holland review Jason Holland
What's up with the clock?
I love the Zedge app. I have been using it for years. But every time I have to update the app my Zedge clock widget goes blank and just said "loading" from that point forward. The only way to bring it back is to uninstall the app and re install. What's up with that?
Malaynz AstaLavista review Malaynz AstaLavista
Best on Android...
This is the best app you can get..especially for tones.Account sync option so any device you install and log in, you have your favourites available? Love this app
GeekWad927 review GeekWad927
Used to be 5 stars, now has vid ads
I loved this app until a recent update. I didn't mind the old version's pop up ads, but these manditory video ads are ridiculous. And everything seems to take so much longer to load.
Zedge is an awesome wallpaper and other great features to personalize and modernize my LG Vista 2 phone! Thanks for the free upgrade Zest!?
Kranthi Kumar review Kranthi Kumar
With the recent update downloading pics has gotten hassle. Give one download button to download one picture simply
Jes Hallock review Jes Hallock
Great selection
This app definitely has most to choose from that I've seen so far. You can find ALMOST any song you've got in mind. Just be sure to pick the one with the most downloads because others may have poor sound quality. This is also one of the few apps that has never slowed down my phone when downloading or having downloaded too many rings. Overall works great.
Marc Frick review Marc Frick
Great exclusive content, great app
Some lovely wallpapers, Ringtones, sounds, icons, and now even widgets!? Lol, I keep ZEDGE installed at all times... Even though its kinda pushy with ads and notifications. Only ads within the app itself, mind you. Great app.
Jan Krawczyk review Jan Krawczyk
Love it for the sounds
The adds are a bit bothersom but otherwise its a good app providing a crap tone of things to personalize your phone
Todd J. Allen review Todd J. Allen
It's fun
I like this app but I am disappointed that I can't go on-line to down load so I don't use my data. You scan with your Q scanner then try to download your ringtone or wallpaper and it kicks your phone back to the the app. It makes no sense.
arun mp review arun mp
No option of save or downloading in new update please take some actions on it.