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Loaded with fun emoji and emoticons, ZenUI Keyboard lets you type fast with a flick or a swipe, and do handwriting or voice input. No need to enter full texts, just select autocorrect or prediction words from the suggestion bar.
Make your conversations more expressive on social media apps with 800+ emoji and emoticons. As a custom keyboard, you can download beautiful themes, languages, or customize your keyboard using your own photos.
ZenUI Keyboard also works best as a tablet keyboard for big screens and allows you to quickly jot down notes using note-taking apps. Customize your input method in ZenUI Keyboard and enjoy a smooth and intuitive typing experience!

Key features:
- Emoji and emoticons : Tap the emoji icon on the toolbar or enable emoji and emoticons in the input language list. Choose from 800+ emoji or emoticons to make conversations more fun and expressive.
- Theme Store: Customize your own keyboard skin or download themes from Keyboard Theme Store to make typing more fun and personalized.
- Toolbar: Convenient access to most-used keyboard settings such as emoji, language switch, voice, numeric keypad, theme, and other personalization options.
- Continuous handwriting: Supports Chinese handwriting (Traditional and Simplified), Bulgarian, Farsi, and most Southeast Asian languages such as Bahasa, Malaysian, and Thai.
- Voice input: A faster input method that dictates your text with your voice via the microphone icon.
- Autocorrect: Autocorrect your typing and spelling mistakes.
- Next-word predictions: Smartly predicts words based on previously-used or entered text.
- Split keyboard: Split your keyboard for a fast, comfortable, and efficient typing experience. (for tablet only)
- The keyboard’s appearance, features, and functionality may vary depending on your device. Emoji is supported on Android 4.4 and above.
- You are highly recommended to turn on Auto-update in order to keep the language and trending words updated. Please go to Keyboard settings > Input languages > more menu > Auto update.

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meliza temonio review meliza temonio
Can you please stick to that smiley design like the round one on the insert smiley... because its cuter than the jelly thingy. Hope this will be updated soon .
I'm Ready review I'm Ready
Please make it better by doing these
Please add more emojis like the iPhone. Please! Where are the flags and multiracial emojis?? Please need these more
Austin Mikityuk review Austin Mikityuk
Does everything I need it to
Doesn't lag as much as I've experienced Google keyboard doing so. Plus they give me the option to use a dark keyboard!
Petra Colic review Petra Colic
It won't show up!
My keybord on my Android Asus is not working. So when I try like text someone, it won't show up. I know I should reset. But I've done that a millions of times. I can't find any language keybord in my settings. And so I can eares my data. What the hell should I do?????
edward pelealu review edward pelealu
Easy customized .. good good good :)
Jash Gopani review Jash Gopani
Good ....
I have a request that add the feature of auto. Saving new words which are being typed and also add HINGLISH language......
Rahul Ghosh review Rahul Ghosh
My wish came true just in the next update for bengali keyboard layout..thanks team asus
eddy shana review eddy shana
For real i dont really like that emotican on asus. Really suck lol. Looks stupid. Can u just change like another phone like apple emotican.
arick yan review arick yan
love it
bagus cuma tombol key A kurang ke kiri, jadi kadang pas ngetik gak kena tombol key A nya
Charise Sunglao review Charise Sunglao
Keyboard style pls
Hope you could also add some diff colors fo keyboard..more power Asus
Kavin Ferrara review Kavin Ferrara
Auto spellcorrect annoying
Even for the right word, auto spell correct try to replace the most frequently used words according to what I type. Its a bit annoying.
Setiawan Harish review Setiawan Harish
It's a good keyboard, but..
It's a good keyboard, but can you guys make it smaller? That will give us a little bit more space in the screen. And ofcourse I'll give you 5 stars
maulidia firrisqi review maulidia firrisqi
I really proud of you Asus. before this, I download Go Keyboard. 'cause go keyboard have an Emoji. but now.. I used to Asus Keyboard, simple, and Have an Emoji. goodjob!!!!!!?
Sunil Panthri review Sunil Panthri
Liked it but...
Please provide hinglish language too..like in nexus and in moto g 3rd generation...i like that coz if u r typing in english it automatically showing hindi in box..
Ricky Latayon review Ricky Latayon
It's good..
Is it even possible to put send button on the board so I don't need to reach for send sign on the message box....