Zombie Defense APK reviews

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Steven Cham review Steven Cham
great fun
nearly perfect
Dalton WF review Dalton WF
I love it but if you ad a nuke I go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Dodd review Jim Dodd
Love everything about the game except the ads, which you can remove if you pay (greedy but at least they're cheap), and the fact that there isn't a simple Google login option. Why resister to a new site just to back up our data when Google does that and everyone already had an account there? Most games just use Google for that. It's an unnecessary inconvenience. Other than those complains I'm really loving the game and think it's amazingly fun and addicting! Hope we get some more maps, weapons and gadgets in a future update!
Doug O'Sullivan review Doug O'Sullivan
Absolutely terrible
App crashed all the time. It almost broke my phone, don't install this stupid app
Love Roller review Love Roller
Love it.so cool
I need other defence game like this game.Please create.
Nick Chavez review Nick Chavez
i really enjoy this game u can play for hours, i hope with next update you fix the problem of it erasing all collected upgrades (kinda dissapointing) other then that no problems keep up the great work
Bruce Lee review Bruce Lee
Md Sohail review Md Sohail
Need more level + adventure :-)
Haha you make my days
Derek Mcdonald review Derek Mcdonald
Zombie defence
Loved it
nick lesperance review nick lesperance
Best TD game ive played
Pam Mott review Pam Mott
Great game
Athru Zgaming review Athru Zgaming
Many good high fun
Me love long time
Björn review Björn
Data gone without information
As the title says, cloud data gone with progress and all, without any information on how to get it back.
Ahsan rasheed review Ahsan rasheed
Amazing game
Love it create more games live this love u guyz
Alisa Garate review Alisa Garate
Love it!! But how do you equip the guns like decoy and mercenary???