Zombie Frontier : Sniper APK

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After release Zombie Frontier I & II, this is our new generation 3D Zombie Killer Game. enjoy yourself
A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread like wildfire around the city. Everyday people going about their business have been transformed into creatures that will kill any living thing they come across. Survivors have fled, hoping to escape, but this is now a city of the dead. Those lucky enough to still be alive are hidden in warehouses, supermarkets or anywhere else they can find, waiting to be rescued.

* An immersive first-person 3D adventure blending stunning graphics, excellent music and realistic sound effects to create a highly detailed world.
* Over 16 classic weapons to choose from including Crossbow, P90, Katana and Dragunov. Every weapon has been realistically recreated and each has a unique feel and performance.
* Multiple Zombie enemies to challenge your skills. The hordes of undead will keep you on your toes and your finger on the trigger.
* Smooth, intuitive controls allow you to navigate the city with ease. Precision aiming will help you take down zombies and rack up kill streaks.
* The virus is getting stronger over time and the zombies are getting more powerful. You need to keep fighting to rescue survivors and save the city.

If you have any suggestion/comment/problem, please mail to: [email protected]

Zombie Frontier : Sniper APK reviews

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Nothing has been changed I don\'t like this link 🤡🤡
Erick Awili review Erick Awili
loved the graphics.. the combat is good he just can't do any combos like kicking and stuff or running away lol but its just fine
Jon Dickert review Jon Dickert
NOW LOOK HERE!! READ I think you are ignoring me.. I purchased $25,000 in "ZOMBIE BUCKS" . I got CHARGED for it ,but NEVER received it. I Tried informing customer service.. I was rejected because my QUOTAS for the mailbox is full.. SOO MUCH BULLS#%T... FOR $1.99. SO be careful and not to annoy them. Or you may be NEXT
swatantra yadav review swatantra yadav
Fantastic game but in sniper mode there I found little bit boarding...plz add some exiting things in that.... And one more thing that beautiful girl appears just for some times at the beginning only plz do something I wanna see her in every level
Michele N review Michele N
BEWARE!!!!! This game advertises that if you make your 1st purchase you will gain a prize. Do not fall for it! It took my money and not only didn't give me a prize but I didn't even get what I purchased. I emailed and never got a response either. They will take your money!!
Abinash Dahal review Abinash Dahal
Best it is best game but please make it look as same as zombie frontier 3 because zf3 is better than this but we need to download the main and sniper mission everyday but in this game we don't do best it is not very good game so please made it like as zf3 but we don't have download the level daily so please fix it
Adam Gonzalez review Adam Gonzalez
Pretty good
Great gameplay, just needs weapon price drops.
Adryin Hampton review Adryin Hampton
I really like this game me and my gf play it all the time together it's really awesome. Just one problem I did two offers and did not get the gold coins I was supposed to be rewarded
bhima Wanodya review bhima Wanodya
Love it but,
Help me. Suddenly it just stop. On loading picture. Heeeeellllp
Jerick Cordero review Jerick Cordero
Everything is awesome. However, it would be perfect if there were new zombie faces and places. To the creator, why not to make a worldwide zombie frontier sniper games. It would be cool. ?
olawumi olanipekun review olawumi olanipekun
I need unlimited ammonium
Michael Risner review Michael Risner
I bought a 9.99 package, was charged and it came up verify failed. You have my money with nothing in return!
jamie Rasberry review jamie Rasberry
DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE IN APP. Like others, I made a purchase and never got it. Also sent emails and no response. THESE CRIMINALS collect $ and never give what has been purchased. Google should investigate, unless they endorse developers stealing from customers.
Carl C review Carl C
All guns maxed, got all the extra armor and unlimited ammo. Has gotten very boring. Just keeps repeating levels. Kill everything easily. Have 48 million $. Nothing to do with it. Deleting.
Odistya Natanael review Odistya Natanael
First time i played this game is awesome, and i reach level 38 i'm get bored, why..?? the enemies are getting stronger but the weapon it's not getting stronger even i upgrade it untill the Max Level.. and the Stage Location are same, the enemies character also are same but more stronger, i'ts hard and imposibble to kill it.. get bored..