Zombie Frontier APK

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In 2020, T viruses spread all over the world. A large number of people are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. You are involved in the war against the zombies.

★Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!
★Experience the sensation of firing wildly!
★Kill different kinds of zombies!
★New weapons and upgrade system!
★Challenging role growth system!
★New and unique bonus items!

Zombie Frontier APK reviews

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Dark lord427 review Dark lord427
When I'm bored I want to play something fun so I play this game because honestly the other zombie games get boring after a while not saying this one can't but I like it so much I haven't got bored yet it's going to happen sooner or later but I'm still going to play it so I'm finished saying what I need to say about it
Reece Taylor review Reece Taylor
I don't really like zombie stuff but honestly this is really good. I just had a question because when i purchase money etc. It doesn't give it me. Would be great if you could fix this
Ickx Tan review Ickx Tan
The game is OK till Level 6. As i reached Level 7, zombies are harder to kill till I'm out of credits to buy more ammo. Sucks! It is good till it last.
Hassan Mhawish review Hassan Mhawish
I ve downloaded and played this game many times now ads are eating the fun out of it.. It wasent like this.. Greedy developer do t have A future
Rickey Woods review Rickey Woods
I did pretty great you know most people don't like it. My Heads shot kills are off the change. Hope you guys injoy it.kk1738
Andrew Wickens review Andrew Wickens
Game is ok until you try and purchase gold. Then bam it crashes and no gold....... They need to fix it or give me my gold.
A Google user review A Google user
Have played for only a few hours now. After learning how to customize guns and getting the feel for the controls ... all I have to say is "WOW". Game runs smoothly on my 10" Tablet with great graphics. Would recommend to anyone. While Ad's are numerous it is a cheap price to pay for basically a free game. Bit of starting advice is ... upgrade the starting pistol to the max as soon as possible and us it to earning as much money & gold possible all for free.
A Google user review A Google user
I really like this game fills time well and enjoy anything zombies really. I'm a lil hacked off ATM I bought two lots of gold and I got the online receipt how ever no gold and wondering wen itl arive
Chanel Claire review Chanel Claire
I paid for a bunch of gold and i never received it I'm sooo pissed!
Sharda Lewis review Sharda Lewis
I would like it better if the in game purchases actually work. I have bought sets of coins and have yet to see it. Also did a free deal and did not get my coins from that either.
ausghost 14 review ausghost 14
I'm on level one and have not killed a single zombie yet and I have 150,000+ credits 85 gold 30+grenades 20+medikits
Jdc C review Jdc C
First person zombie shooter. Great game
Mathew Burleigh review Mathew Burleigh
It won't let me have my coins I purchased 5 times it keeps saying 0 do i have to wait 24 hours or what
Varun Nevatia review Varun Nevatia
I paid 2 times Rs 142 each for buying 150 gold coins... But didn't got the coins... poor service. Kindly send the same to me or refund my money... can't trust
Brenan Galang review Brenan Galang
This game is good, but the zombies are hard to kill sometimes.what kind of zombies are hard to kill? I hope you can fix this problem...