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Enter the battlefield of 100 players and fight your way to become the champion in Zombs Royale.io! From the creators of Spinz.io and Zombs.io comes the 100-person 2D, multiplayer, real-time battle royale game that's already being played by over 10 million players on the web!

Zombs Royale MODES
Choose your mode!

- Solo (play by yourself against 99 other solo players in a fight to become the last one standing)
- Duo (play with a friend, or auto match with a new teammate!)
- Squad (assemble a squad of 4 players to prove you're the best team alive)

Limited time modes (every weekend) includes:

Zombies - Along with fighting for your life against other players/teams, you must also defend against hordes of zombies that spawn (and they get stronger at night!)

50v50 - 4 player teams not enough? How about 50-man teams in an all-out brawl for domination

Building Blocks - Have knack for building? Building Blocks mode allows you to build up defenses and shelters in the middle of the fight, all while still trying to become the last man/team standing!

Internet connection required. Available for cross-platform iOS, Web, PC


Cosmetics - Over 1000 unique character cosmetics will be available via in-game coins, however, some in-game items (non-balance changing) will be available for purchase!

Leaderboards - climb to the top of the leaderboards to show that you're the best. See how you stack up against other players in eliminations per match or time survived!

Seasons - Every season will last a few weeks and grant cosmetics unique to each season depending on your performance! Win more and you'll be able to gain rewards at a much quicker pace!

Rewards - Daily and weekly rewards are available, you will receive special coins or cosmetics for your character!

Friends/Clans - Friends and clans (soon) will be available! Meet and hang out with your friends and squad up in-game!

If you need help or any support, join over 20,000 ZombRoyalers on our official Discord: discord.gg/zombsroyale

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Adam 100x review Adam 100x
Very fun game, Do you enjoy your life the way it is? well your WRONG! you have not lived until you played ZombsRoyale.io the appex of BRs 5 stars is a bit of a misnomer however, as it implies I 'loved it'. you see, this is incorrect as I am still IN LOVE, my heart and passion not yet burned out, for once you find yourself entranced by ZombsRoyale.io you will not ever fall OUT of love. There is no escape.
David Klimaszewski review David Klimaszewski
The shooting mechanism doesn't really hold up well. I think some tweaking there and you have yourself a 5 star game. Also, pitting mobile users against pc users is most definitely not fair right now. Again, the aiming just isn't up to par with them.
Louis Cancer review Louis Cancer
The servers are laggy, makes it annoying and unplayable, and the background in the menu should be moving right? Its not moving. Great work tho.
ROBLOX Mixtape God review ROBLOX Mixtape God
My only complaint is it's really laggy sometimes, as in the device lags, not my Wi-Fi. BUT THE GAME IS LIT LMAO
jolly leo159 review jolly leo159
I love the game but there is a down side with it. There is tons of lag and I would really love it if there was a graphic settings. Aside all that it's pretty good. The gameplay is nice and... Well it's just good.
DausGamer_Yt review DausGamer_Yt
I played on the web version...Then I installed this version but this one stuck at ''Loading'' at the first time..it say for a few sec but I waked my device for like half an hour to try this game.but great work thought.3 Star to the dev.
3meraldninja review 3meraldninja
I loved the .io game on my computer, but having it mobile is even better. Plus, with you guys adding more stuff, it seems like this has future and cant be a claimed as an original game. I look forward to seeing you improve, and Ill keep playing while you're at it. Your game deserves 5 stars.
Nightrix ZX review Nightrix ZX
I think am the only one but my device is lagging even tho I have strong network.....can u please fix it ? ..besides that is awesome keep it up and please pretty please put it in website for mobile.....my friend really want it....☺
James Cheng review James Cheng
YOOOO I LUV THIS especially on PC Give me some mythic comestics :D
EDds eDiTs X羅 review EDds eDiTs X羅
It's a fun nice game expect that it's laggy please fix or make it at least 80 or 70 players because it needs it also I will share with my friends and add new game modes also needs to be able to chat please
Anant Tripathi review Anant Tripathi
addictive Just need to fix the joystick its really hard to control and make map bigger
Cool Gamer review Cool Gamer
Its the best game ever its in android iOS and PC better than fortnite!!!
Mr. Guershon review Mr. Guershon
This game is amazing! I love the style and graphics! But if only surviv.io was a mobile app too not just a browser game. ?
Gabriel Steven Gabasa review Gabriel Steven Gabasa
The server is laggy and it is so uncomfortable when it is lag. You should must play this on pc not in this mobile.
Zephyr review Zephyr
fix the servers plss it lagg so bad